Is the mobile site messed up for anyone else?

I can access the main page, but when I tap the forum link I get a blank browser window.

Is anyone else having this problem?

No. It is working for me. :owl::owl::owl:

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I’m rebooting my phone, we’ll see if that makes any difference. I should’ve done that first, before I made a thread.

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A few hours ago I had problems too, it said it couldn’t load the page. I think is the app tho, not the site…

It’s still doing it. It’s been doing it all day.

Maybe there was an update overnight that is incompatible with my phone? That’s entirely possible; it’s an iPhone 4, so a lot of newer stuff is incompatible with it. I can’t even have the app; so many apps are incompatible with my phone, but I can’t afford to replace it.

Sorry, man.

Can you use the loaner computer in the meantime?

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That’s what I’m on right now. :slightly_smiling_face:

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