Forum software update in last day?

I can only access the forum using an old Firefox browser on my phone now. my modern up to date browser just displays a blank page.

I use Safari. It works fine for me.

I think when they removed the ‘survey’ message at the top, something broke.

cc: @szadmin, @MrSquirrel

Couldn’t say, that’s above my pay grade. Or it would be if there was pay involved. Heck, @SzAdmin doesn’t even flirt with me. The tease.



it’s a cutting edge browser, so somethings up. my suspicion is a dangling ‘<’ somewhere after removing the survey message. I assume others affected simply can’t post. when I switch to desktop mode the only thing that gets displayed is the banner ad.

mobile Firefox seems to cover up the problem, but I really don’t want to use it as it’s too sluggish.

anyway, just reporting the problem.

I’m checking into it. I upgraded the software last night - so I think thats the issue. Something broke, must be a bug in the code. Hope we can get it fixed quickly.

What phone are you on? What is the “newer” browser that you’re trying to access on, but having problems?


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blackberry, latest OS update, latest browser update. It’s one of the most html5 compliant browsers out there.

The browser is from Blackberry - is that correct? Or a third party like Google Chrome?

browser is from blackberry, not 3rd party. no problems with any other site.

No kidding.



I still get the survey invite on the main page, but not on the forum page.

No issues here (Chrome running on Android KitKat), main thing I’ve noticed is that visited links are a lighter grey now, which is very helpful!

the main page displays ok, including the floating survey box thing. just the forum part is blank.

Pixel - are you having problems with a Windows phone here - or are you just joking?

Everhopeful - one note and question - the developer of the software tells me that:

"I do remember something about a user turning off local storage in the browser and breaking stuff, you might ask them if they have modified any browser defaults on their device?

Have you modified any browser defaults lately on the blackberry browser?

I should check and see if I can upgrade yet.

Can you tell me this:

the exact model of phone hardware including all version information in the browser.


blackberry z10, operating system, browser contains webkit,webcore and javascriptcore components. the browser version is linked to the operating system version which is a few months old (i.e. last update was a few months ago).

There are only a few default options, but I’ve experimented with them all to no avail. the only option resembling local storage is disk cache and that’s switched on.

the developer could download the blackberry 10.3.1 simulator and see the issue for themselves

edit: For Windows and Linux systems, download VMware Player version 6.

For Mac systems, download VMware Fusion version 6.

Just joking. I wouldn’t own a Windows phone, which is the only thing worse than owning a Blackberry.