Is the first psychosis the strongest?

What is your feeling on that? Do they feel just as real after multiple times or do you kinda know? Was your first one the worst?

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take care :alien:

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Yes , Cut Your Hair?

It was the most intensely traumatic yes. But the other ones were still pretty wild.


Second for me. I hit rock bottom so hard I bounced five times then it stopped. Take yo meds!


I’ve heard it can be really bad and the first one is usually the best than you stick to meds for life and if you feel the warning signs coming on after going of them to instantly ring the hospital.

Mine was sort of like a bell curve…

started off not too bad when I was younger… not too out there… except for a few spikes here and there…

went freaking out of my head and out of reality around 16 to 23… got better meds… now things are pretty mellow and level with my head circus.


Much worse 14 years later on, for 3 years
10 years remission since then

You were in psychosis for 3 years?

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9 months, then 18 months normal then hospital for 9 more months

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Darn they barely had enough room to keep me in the hospital for 2 days let alone 9 months. What country do you live in?

UK xxx
Without that I would be dead

Much better mental health system then 'Murica.


My family fought for me

My sister was in the same hospital for 2 years and had unremitting psychosis for 12 yrs
She was hit by a car on leave from that same place

Murcia has awful services
Makes me wonder how any of you survive!

You don’t! If you are mentally ill you most likely end up in prison.


or the streets…

My first psychosis definitely was the wildest. Thought broadcasting and so much other crap like seeing people who didn’t exist who were relaying messages to me. Second psychosis was bad too but not as wild. It only involved me, not other people.

I was told by my pdoc that if I ever stopped meds that the psychosis would begin exactly where it left off when I was insane…don’t want that…total terror for me.

My first was definitely the most “holy crap what’s going on” experience. But every time I go off my meds for more than two weeks, it gets progressively worse. And I can never get back to the same head space that I was before the time I was when I went off them. Moral off the story, I shouldn’t go off my meds.