First psychosis

my first psychosis back in 2000 was the worst snap of reality of all my breaks. which was yours?

sometime in 2007? That beast lasted five or six years continuous…

The first was my worst and I think that is true for a lot of people because it is unexpected.

2012 or so. I was laughing at my food, it was silly! I was climbing the display’s at work and fixing all the sugar packets. The boss told me I needed to take it down a notch. Got put in the hospital afterwards.

1972… of course it was an election year, Nixon vs McGovern. So long ago!

It was a big blow to McGovern’s campaign when it came out that Eagleton had sought treatment for depression. Arguably it might have been the biggest factor in McGovern losing.
I remember wearing a McGovern for President button.

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My first psychosis was in 2009 till 2010

my worst so far was last year, it lasted 8 months .
take care

When I was 16 I was more depressed, but my grades suffered and I was pretty delusional and paranoid, but I didn’t get treatment until 1990. My worst psychosis was from 2004-2006.

they’ve all been pretty bad to be frank. thing is, i now know where they come from and with that experience under my belt, i doubt it would happen again…i’ll never say never because you just don’t know but i sincerely doubt it.

Well I had a delusion when I was 11, then I had a an episode at 18, I was at a party and hallucinated and got super paranoid. I thought the hallucinations were real and that everyone was talking about me and got my parents to come pick me up from bumblefuck Tennessee. I live in memphis and it was at a party out of the metropolitan area in the middle of no where. I was supremely not right in the head. I had been paranoid before but that the first time I heard everyone talking about me and planning to fight me and fun stuff like that.

Schizophrenia is hell.

I tried to drive to Oregon to start a new life during my first onset of psychosis…that’s on the opposite end of the continent. I got just about halfway on no sleep chain smoking the wacky tobaccy before I had to crash. Got a room at this cheap motel where I bleached my hair and locked myself out of the room in the middle of an intense midnight thunderstorm. Decided to turn around and head back come morning when I realized that everyone was partying and all I wanted to do was be alone and watch some documentary about Chinese peasants…

I still flashback to this time when I listen to any modest mouse or built to spill…which was on heavy rotation during this trip. Not all together a terrible memory but one I’d rather not go back to…