Is the asexual identity useful for people with sz?

Just told a few people I’m asexual. Wonder if this is helpful or hurting me

I find it harder to be attracted to people since I started having symptoms. I’m a mess in relationships anyway, though

I found if they understand what that means that it was helpful, otherwise it just leads to them asking more questions

People should respect those who take to a disinterest in sex whether it’s temporary or an innate thing…

I wouldn’t worry about it man. You probably didn’t need to say anything in the first place.

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A lot of jerks think it is their right to hound you about how you express your sexuality. That is something that is yours and yours alone. People think it is public domain, but it is not. True sexual freedom includes the right to say “no” just as much as the right to say “yes”.

I dont want to blame everything on the meds, but ever since being on Risperdal, my libido took a big hit.

I would not say that I am Asexual, but my sex drive has diminished greatly.

For some people its the illness, for me its Risperdal, my libido was healthy on Abilify.

Just means you aren’t interested in sexual relationships with people. I think that’s inaccurate for schizophrenics because a common side effect of antipsychotics is loss of sex drive…doesn’t necessarily mean you are asexual…

I don’t discuss my sexuality with most people. That’s on a need-to-know basis and they don’t need to know.