Is talking about negative symptoms a bad thing?

I feel like it repulses ppl from me. I lost one online friend because of talking too much about my sz. Also one real life friend is avoiding me since I showed him my pills and told him about why I can’t hangout regularly due to sz negative symptoms. A few times he told me I am using my sz as an excuse for everything after I said things that are almost word salad when I was off meds.

Last time I was with him and another friend I showed him my meds and talked about my sz negative symptoms, he right away said his stomach is hurting him so he left fast. My other friend was fine with it and stayed with me.

Its the same friend who was mad at me because I didn’t protect him from another friend who punched him in the face. I think he’s still mad about it. I don’t like fights so I just stay out and do nothing. Was that the right thing to do?

I kinda insulted him and called him the devil. Idk why I insult ppl when I am off meds.

He did this several times.

I don’t know. I can only speak of myself. People that I’ve known, and when I mention that I’m not feeling ok or mentally well, say that I’m being negative. I hate when people mention things as positive or negative, what does that even mean? F u c k them!

I don’t think it’s not a good idea to talk about certain personal things with people.

Some people have never had any major issues in life and get uncomfortable when others have problems. Some see mental illness as weakness! Others believe that you can think yourself through mental illness like those f u c k i n g idiots saying you are being negative.

So here’s my advice. Don’t talk about personal things with friends. Try to have some fun stories that you share with people instead.


It’s not that people think talking about negative symptoms is bad.

It’s that you’re a broken record, man.

You talk about it constantly and blame every wrong in your life on it.

You absolutely can get off your ass and do some stuff, but I feel like you’d rather wallow in misery.

Get up, @aziz!

It’s difficult, I know it is, I’ve been there.

But you’ve absolutely got to start somewhere or you’ll be like this forever.


Thats the downside im afraid of being open about being Schizophrenic. Ive lost a few so called “friends” that way. Arseholes to them - they wernt proper mates in the first place.

Its a bit of a balancing act when your open about your MI. But one things for sure - you will find out who your true friends are.

Alot of people dont actually KNOW what schizophrenia is. Its the most mis-understood illness out there. And unless they have it themselves or has a family member with it - they usually havent got a ■■■■■■■ clue.


That friend doesn’t talk to me anymore although sometimes when I hangout with the other 2 friends he’s there with them. He ignores me there.

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Cut your losses and go out and find people that will accept you for who you are.


I’m sorry your friends behaved like this. Better to know, and have them gone from your life.

I am very fortunate that my friends stuck by me. One of them is freaked out be it, but she hasn’t left. We only speak occasionally, though, even though we’ve known each other 20 years.

And I gotta agree with @Charles_Foster. You gotta force yourself up, and stop blaming your negatives for everything. You gotta stop dwelling on it. Focus on what you can do.

You don’t give yourself enough credit. You get up and do things when you have to – dentist, etc – so pay attention to what you do to do those things, and apply it to your everyday life. No, you do not have to sit in bed every day.

We all suffer negative symptoms, and we all try and fight through them as best we can. You’ll feel better when you do. I always feel very accomplished when I do. And proud. Get some of that, and you won’t feel so negative anymore.


I agree. you didn’t choose sz @aziz but you can choose what you do after and with it


Yeah dude. You should be allowed to express frustrations, but it becomes this obsessive loop with you, where any time someone talks about anything else, you find a way to bring it back to your own negative symptoms. It is almost a form of self harm or something. You just constantly bash yourself in with how many things you hate about yourself, and why negative symptoms are to blame.

People should be supportive of you, but relationships are a two way street. If someone shares something they are excited about, and your response is consistently “I wish I could do that, but my negative symptoms make it impossible,” people will stop sharing things with you. Then you get cut out of conversations and ignored, which feeds the loop of feeling like negative symptoms ruin everything.

Genuinely, therapy could help. If you have a healthy outlet, you might not feel the need to overwhelm your friends with complaints.


No but compulsively complaining is prob a turn off for people


Well at least I have 2 rl friends remaining and 2 online. We talk about technology and video games. Sometimes about sz with the 2 online friends.

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I forget, what are negative symptoms and what are positive?

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Positive symptoms are abnormal mental symptoms you have normal ppl don’t have like hallucinations, delusions, paranoia etc

Negative symptoms are symptoms you lack normal ppl have like motivation, emotions, energy, hygiene, etc

Cognitive symptoms are memory and concentration problems, disorganised thoughts, etc

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