Is Simone Biles a washed up Olympian?

I’m all for mental health and relaxed expectations in ANY situation. However I feel like you wouldn’t call out on a mental health day on one of the biggest days of your career. As an American I feel let down.

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I haven’t seen it, but she’s extremely talented.

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The thing is it’s not about you. Or me. It’s about what’s best for Simone. And I don’t think you’d be so critical if she “called out” because she broke her arm.

I think she’s brave and selfless. And washed up? She’s won more Olympic medals than any other female gymnast in history.

She’s the :goat:


I agree wholeheartedly with @anon16583342 . Mental health is imperative to withstand the pressures of the olympics. She’s not ok and needs to take care of herself


I think it’s an incredibly brave thing to take care of your mental health. I admire her.


I think Simone Biles did what she needed to do. She didn’t let anybody down.


She’s not washed up.
Maybe if she were Caucasian attitudes about her her would be different.

I think it takes a lot of guts with how she’s handling everything.

More power to her.


I support Simone 100%. I don’t like the current cultural norm of persevering even if that means breaking yourself in the process. It’s good to acknowledge and abide by whatever your limits might be in a given moment.


I agree. Like is said in the opening post. I’m all for relaxed expectations: & across the board.

But That’s not the world we live in.

She shouldn’t have showed up if she was just going to disappoint and not perform.

I don’t think she could have known what was going to happen before everything was finalized with her placement on the team.

Just speaking from personal experience, at various jobs I’ve had, I’ve gone in feeling perfectly fine only to rapidly decline mentally for no discernible reason over the course of a shift. Mental health is volatile especially when you have extensive trauma in your background like Simone does.


I rely on myself for whether I feel adequate or not, I don’t expect strangers to prop me up.


@anon99082702 That’s the kind of mindset, by you, that perpetuates negative and stigmatising views about mental illness. She has nothing to prove to others re her exceptional ability. She made a wise decision. I applaud her for it.


I’m proud of her. It takes guts to prioritize your mental health, especially when the whole world is watching you. That takes guts, I tell you!

The world, everyone, needs to adopt the mindset that mental health is extremely important. If she had a physical health issue preventing her from competing, everyone wouldn’t think twice. Everyone would just be concerned and compassionate.

We need that same mindset about mental health. I admire her for doing the right thing, for her. I bet it was tough to do, thinking she might let people down. But y’know what? Her heath and wellbeing are most important.

I say she deserves respect.


Oh, I just Googled her finally. She’s black. Makes me wonder how much hoopla there would be over this if she was white? I think she made the right call after reading up on it.


That’s what I said


Great minds think alike?



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