Is severe paranoia without hearing voices psychosis or schizophrenia

So I’m wondering if you have a severe case of paranoia could that be considered psychosis?

Not everyone has voices so it’s not outside the realms of possibility. Really it’s about function. If your suffering in life and it’s affecting how you live then it’s a problem that usually means medications.


Psychosis is schizophrenia.

You can have schizophrenia and not hear voices.
This is not common but still possible.

From my knowledge, paranoia can be a symptom of several mental illnesses, it doesn’t just have to schizophrenia. None of us here can really tell you what’s going on with you though, it’s best to see a doctor for an explanation.

It could be bipolar. It could be side effects of some medications and substances like stimulants and other anxiety, adrenaline raising ones. Even serotonin increasing ones like ssri, zinc, myoinositol etc can cause if you have bipolar or other affect issues.

A lot of schizophrenics don’t hear voices. If I was one of them my life would be so much better, because I’ve beaten paranoia and delusions very decisively. If I could just get rid of the voices in my head I’d be like a normal person.

You have to have a certain number of symptoms before getting a sz diagnosis. Paranoia alone and nothing else would not qualify you for a sz diagnosis.

There is a disorder called schizotypal personality disorder that basically just means you are a very paranoid person but don’t really have other symptoms of psychosis.

If you have psychosis for more than 3 months it’s considered schizophrenia.

Paranoia it’s delusions so it’s psychosis. But there are different types of delusions, some are dissociative delusions and it may be schizophrenia and some are unified delusions and it may be paranoia. Paranoia is a disease in itself. When we talk about schizophrenia, it’s called paranoid schizophrenia.