Is schizophrenia overdetermining?

Is schizophrenia overdetermining your identity : more than nationality, ethnicity, sex, social background, etc…???

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No it’s not. It’s secondary to my identity. It’s there nontheless.

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firstly I found your question difficult to understand. But then I think yeah this schizophrenia dominates my whole life. It says most about my character, more than say my nationality would.

no it is one aspect of my personality as expressed through my mind and body

For a while, it dominated my whole life. I think it’s like that with any major realization in your life. Like how, right after Ellen Degeneras came out, every joke she made was about how gay she was. Probably because we’re so relieved to be able to show a part of ourselves that we have kept as a dark secret for so long.

Eventually, I got used to being sz, and let it drift to the back burner. I still get nervous about it around people who don’t know yet, and it seems like a bigger deal. At work I get fretful about it still.


not any more… it took a while… but I finally came to terms with…

I’m not a schizophrenic… I’m a person with Sz…

person first… illness later.


I identify strongly with my illness. It’s the only identity I have at the moment.