Is medical advantage a scam?

I just saw it on TV in a ad. The programs offers free services in gym,medication,vitamins etc.

I don’t know anything about them but I recommend doing a web search on them and look at their score with the Better Business Bureau.

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Thanks. I’d be glad to double check.

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I have a Medicare Advantage Plan. I think it’s great

There are bad reviews about them on google. How does the sign up process work? What are the rules?

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I saw an ad on it today too. With the guy talking about “you can get $100 more a month in social security. That’s $1200 per year!!!”

That one??? I saw the same commercial if so. I thought the same thing.

Yea. It mentions I can those benefits every month.

This explains types of plans.

They are for real. I’ve had 2 different plans.

Basically how good your benefits are depends on your zip code.

When I lived outside a big city the benefits were better than where I am now. I think because like 40% of the population in my town smokes cigarettes.

But in the suburbs fewer people smoke so the insurance companies costs are less, letting them offer better benefits to be more competitive.

I think on you can compare the plans available in your area.


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