Hey, California people

Hey, has anyone been getting phone calls about Medicare advising or auto insurance? I started getting these about a month ago. The first time, they were friendly and I chatted with the operator. Then they asked me for all kinds of information and then finally asked me for my Medicare number. I’ve always heard warnings about companies fishing for information and how you never give your social security number or Medicare number to anyone. I figure if anyone asks for that information, they must be a scam.

Now I get literally two or three calls a day from legitimate sounding organizations but I’m wary of them. I don’t want to stay on the phone for 15 minutes only to have them ask for my personal information. I’m sick of these calls though. I get a couple at work every day or at my home. My therapist says none of her other clients are getting these. Is it just me or is anyone getting calls from official organizations called “Medicare Advisory Company” and stuff like that who ask for personal information? It’s only 1:00 pm and I’ve already got 3 of these calls today.


I get weird scam calls all the time.

At least 2 or 3 daily.

If I don’t know the number,

I pick up, wait for them to talk and hang up.

They usually won’t call back to leave a message.


I’m not from California but my parents have a landline and get 5 or 6 calls like that a day. Constant scam and telemarketer calls.

I don’t get very many on my cell phone though. Maybe 3 to 5 a month.


@Bowens, are your parents in California?

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No, they are not.

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Remember Medicare and Social Security do not call. They send letters. I live in California but have not been getting that type of scam call lately.


I have a California number from back when I lived there and I get 5-6 scam calls a day. I wouldn’t give out your Medicare number


Here, phone scamers try to sell professional trainings cause workers receive “vouchers” each month for pro training. Unofficial organizations are therefore trying to sell bogus training.


Yup, I’ve dealt with some of those phone calls as well. I read one of my parent’s AARP magazines. They seem to target elderly folk and sometimes they claim to offer genetic cancer screenings supposedly covered by Medicare. I usually just hang up. We get calls like that to our landline about once a week.

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Yup, health insurance and car warranty scams, a few a day. I don’t answer if it’s a number I don’t know, they can leave a message and I’ll decide to call them back.

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I’m in Ontario Canada but I got a call today from some guy with an East Indian accent claiming to be from Switzerland asking me about my investments.

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There’s lots of phishing going on all over the net/phone systems. I never give out any information. Period. If social security want to contact me they send letters. They don’t call. If they say they come from a tech concern like my internet provider I say send a letter. Gets rid of most.

Even things on your facebook feed asking or seemingly innocently asking you to say your first pet or street are usually phish’s. Most people use them as passwords. It pays to be patient and not give out any details to anyone who calls you these days.


I answer my phone only if I recognize the number as one I know. Never talk to them. If it’s someone legitimate who needs to talk to you they will leave a message.


My phone is supposed to block scammer calls, but it’s not working right now, not sure why …
When the phone rings while driving, it can be very stressful. It could be an emergency call or an important call.

Regarding Facebook, my profile is ultra filtered. I am wary of all new contacts! Especially beautiful young women :smiley:

I thought California was going to be bikini models and palm trees.

Instead it was graffiti, feces, and homeless people. At least the part of Oakland I was in was like this.

I have gotten calls about medicare before, during, and after the move. I just hang up on them. I have a policy of hanging up on any and every call that starts out automated.

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