Is Living in the City Bad for Our State of Mind?

Mental health problems are more common amongst city dwellers - but why? Is it the stress? The noise? The lack of green spaces? A study involving scientists from King’s College London, architects from J & L Gibbons, and artists from Nomad Projects, is trying to find out how the urban landscape affects how we feel.

To take part, download their free app, called Urban Mind, which will prompt you at random, seven times a day for seven days, to answer questions about how you feel and where you are. The app gathers geotagging data, and if you choose to you can also upload images and sound files, to give a full sensory picture of your location.

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I believe there are more transient people in the City…less so in the Burbs. I think this can play into one’s psyche and produce a negative outcome in some individuals.

When I was younger I lived in a village with my parents. I think now to live in that village without a car would be difficult as the frequency of buses has been greatly reduced. I think economic necessity drives many with SMI to urban areas.


It is very difficult to be MI without a vehicle and live somewhere without reliable public transportation. That alone forces many into cities. I live in a small town and enjoy it. Lived on a farm for ten years and didn’t. Not that I was isolated socially, but having to drive for an hour for a jug of milk wears on one after a while. I like a minimum level of services within walking distance.


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