Is it weird when

Someone calls their parents " Mommy " or " Daddy" and they over 30 years old?

Or is it normal?

I think it’s absolutely normal. I’m 43 and still call my dad Daddy. If my mother were alive she’d still be Mommy.

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You know I don’t think I have ever said mummy. Has always been mum

Sparrow has always called me mom.

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I call my dad ‘daddy-o’ :sweat_smile:


Its a little strange to me. But I have friends that do this and it isn’t weird to them

Some people can pull it off.

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Yeah, like the guy at 3:38

@Air. I couldn’t call my dad by his name. That would be weird!!!

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It’s not weird at all. My 50 year old sister calls our mom “mama” and I call her Mom or Ma. My father is “Dad”.
I found it weird that my eldest niece called her mom (my sister) by her first name. And she calls me by my original first name (Stephanie) too (instead of Aunty Steph) which I’m not really comfortable with. I like being an “Aunty” :blush:

I think it’s weird. So I don’t do it. Don’t care what other people do.

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For the record, I don’t even like it when Little LED calls us Mommy/Daddy and almost always correct her.

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I didn’t, but what works for others works for them. Not my business.

I’ve always called my father “Daddy”.

Always called my mother “mom” or her first name.

I called my mom, mom or mama until I had kids then I started calling her “grandma” lol. As for that thing you call my father I really can’t tell you what I call him in mixed company.

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