Is it true that most antipsychotics block the 5 ht2a?

I want min 101 to work, but my doubts are risen

All of the atypicals have high affinity for 5ht2a.

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Yeah, the newer generation of them do. Older generation do not. It’s supposed to help reduce the risk of TD & lessen certain bad side effects.

Also I think we learned in class that 5ht2a is what lsd binds to and activates, so it’s associated with hallucinations. Could have been another receptor I’m not 100% sure but I think it was that one.

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Oke tnx for the reply
Do you think that min 101 could work based on the mechanism?

Well it could, since that receptor is associated w hallucinations. I don’t know much about the drug though to be honest. I suppose we won’t know for sure until it has gone through more testing.

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Do you think it will be great for orgasms too? Because there isnt dopamine blocking

You can never be sure about that. SSRI’s don’t block dopamine, they block a different serotonin receptor, by are also notorious for creating sexual difficulty.

But ssri’s agonize 5ht2a, aps block it right?

Nah ADs don’t do anything with 5HT2A they hit a different seratonin receptor entirely

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@Anna sup …!!! what are u doing …!!! did u stop taking Aps…!!! How iz the life…!!!

Yes I did and now that it’s summer time ie my danger time I’m starting to regret that decision wAaAAuuUuuGh. A particular voice has just been saying the worst things to me lately and admittedly it’s been getting under my skin. Ugh…I can’t seem to break the cycle of going on meds, hating them, quitting them, drowning under symptoms then rinse and repeat. I can’t even trust my future self to stay on…

Anyways. I have a month alone of this to look forward to…JEEZ Louise…hope you’re doin good though!! :grin:My rattos send their greetings.

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I like ur ratoos …i am thinking of petting rats soon …!!! how much it cost to buy a pair of ratoos …!!! lots of
love from nepal…!!

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They’re great pets and easy to take care of! Rats themselves are cheap, you can find them for like 5 or 6 bucks…I got mine for free since I rescued them for a lab. Getting all the supplies for them costs like 200-300 bucks though (I spent 400 but I went crazy w a mansion cage and tons of toys lol) and then regular upkeep fees for food, bedding, vet trip, etc…

But you’re in Nepal so I have no idea if it could be different for you! If you get them send me pics :heart_eyes: Ok that’s all for now I don’t want to derail this thread, heh

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thanks sister Anna…!!! i will send u a pic of rattos once i get them …!!! thanks and take care…!!!