My view on atypical antipsychotics

ever wonder why most of the atypical antipsychotics aimed at blocking the 5HT2A receptor? because the antidepressant worked at blocking the 5HT2a seretonin reuptake inhibitor at first and now the Aps are trying to reverse the job done by the antidepressant and most of the time people got prescribed Antidepressant at first , but not the antopsychotics .U went psychotic when u take the antdepressants because they increase the seretonin in ur brain by blocking the SSRI/when u try to withdrew from them, and then u need the Aps to stop the “artficial “seretonin” from “hitting” the Recetopr . And everything went down hill since then, isn’t it ironic?

what ‘s ur opinon?

tell me if u were put on antipsychotics in the first place

I also wonder why blocking 5htp is what gives us happiness

maybe it stops our brain from having too much seretonin / in other way round

too much serotonin causes psychosis?

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i think so / at least mania

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I think it would be better to block only dopamine and have more serotonin to be happy

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Dopamine makes u feel good too. So In a sense I think it makes u happy

But Im not an expert on this stuff.

I just feel you need an “appropriate amount” of dopamine and serotonin

If you block too much of either you don’t feel too great

But too much of either creates manic psychotic type problems

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What a strange thing that we schizophrenics have so much dopamine and serotonin naturally I remember that without drugs I was very happy

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wt do u mean very happy? good mood? but why would u take meds at the first place

I was put on antipsychotics following a psychotic episode 10 years ago… i got taken off that a few months ago… i started an antidepressant over a week ago and 4 days in had a pychosis… not sure if its the meds or lack of sleep because after some sleep the next day it was gone…

Dopamine also is responsible for happiness. Drug users use cocaine etc to raise dopamine and get pleasure.

when I was without aps I was very happy and in a good mood, but suddenly I became psychotic, it seems that schizophrenics naturally tend to be happy but at some point we become psychotic

What about schizoaffective??

We have mood disorders and psychosis

It’s confusing, our brains :brain: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


why would u suddenly become psychotics

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Atypical AP risperidone caused my Major Depressive Thoughts to the point i attempted suicide. On haldol I have none of it

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that’s the opposite effect of antidepresant

As dopamine and serotonin are so high naturally, add excessive tobacco consumption and not sleep for 4 days and you have the psychotic break there

mood disorders do not know if they have to do with dopamine and serotonin

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how r u doing now? under treatment ?

I am just pleased they continue to develop new medicines.

Eventually we will hit a new generation that will hopefully take into account the treatment of negative symptoms.

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