Is it the end of the world?


In my childhood I heard about the end of the world often. My grandmother was a Jehovah’s Witness and they always predicted Harmageddon coming. Looking back, Harmageddon never arrived and the life continues.


If it ended it would be a good thing for most people.


it is best not to think of things such as this , i certainly don’t ( personally i don’t care about humanity but i do care about this world and the other species that inhabit this place )
live your life to the full, respecting all life.
take care


Are you kidding me. Your sister would have been only 3 years old for the 2000 New Year computer scare.
I do doubt your facts sometimes, SurprisedJ.


Oh man… your right, she was three… Now I’m wondering what person I was thinking of. :confused:

I’ll recheck my time line in my journals.


Oh wow. Your teacher was real. All my college teachers were all like “watch the new” and “vote”. The news was all about Kim Kardashian’s wedding and how do you vote for people who have no real platform?