Is it terrible I find men unattractive?

Not relationship wise. Just every day. I love having Male friends but I think no different of them than anyone in my life. (My sons are pretty damn handsome) I feel nothing towards anyone by the way they look. (My girls are very pretty). Its funny that I used to see people’s physical attributes but I now just look at mental and emotional as things that I find attractive. Good thing…I kinda look like a cow in my old age.


I am very rarely attracted to people.

I have only had attraction/chemistry a few times my whole life.
Last time I felt that way was with a woman (for the first time)(I saw myself as straight till I met her now I want her to be my partner).

I did not have much chemistry with most of my boyfriends.
I just liked them .

I am so incredibly attracted to this woman.
She also “turns me on”as in I am sexually attracted and aroused by her.

She has such a beautiful mannerism.
She is gay.
I don’t know if she is single.

I have had early menapause and am so happy I am still able to feel this way.

I think about her every day and imagine we have a spiritual relationship and are dating in spirit and now just got to get our bodies and person together.

Are you surprised that you do not find men attractive?

I can find people attractive but not be attracted to them and have no chemistry with them.

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No one has the right to tell you how to feel about the opposite sex. Personally, I don’t feel attracted to many people. I’ve never been sexually attracted to men.

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I’m not really surprised. I’ve been asexual for quite a few years

Right now I’m attracted to the ham sandwich in my refrigerator.


I find people more attractive the better their personality seems. If someone seems like a bad person, they seem uglier to me than someone with a genuine smile


I don’t know what you look like, but I can’t believe you look like a cow because you aren’t a cow. Don’t they usually say that it’s what is inside that counts, anyway? There are drop dead gorgeous women out there who don’t have a thought in their body. I don’t find that attractive at all. Be who you are and be proud of yourself for what you do and what you look like. Life is too short to spend it wishing you were a better person.


I find people attractive but it’s true The nicer a guy is the better looking he is.

My friend Fernando was a very sweet person and gorgeous!!!

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Not being super or even a little attracted to people/thinking “sht that persons hot” isn’t necessary a bad thing. I think its kind of cool when people focus on the person, not the looks. I know i would like to be that way.

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I am starting to find others as being unattractive.
This includes myself.

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I am attracted to physical attributes of women, especially facial expressions. But frivolity and lack of trustworthiness make me avoid getting emotionally involved.

To answer your question: no it’s not terrible. As long as you’ve found someone attractive, even if it’s a woman, I say give it a try.

But wait, I thought you already have a boyfriend? :grin:

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Haven’t had a boyfriend in two years

I usually don’t find most men attractive. A man has to be unusually attractive for me to look twice. Women, not so much. But, I like a pretty lady.


Only rarely men are attractive to me. I felt genuinely attracted maybe 1.5 years ago, but he turned out to be an ■■■■■■■. The more experience i have with men, the less i feel drawn to them.

Perhaps a woman would be a better idea.

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My ex boyfriend was abusive. I may be jaded regarding men because of that.

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