Is it really just a beauty contest?

Is life really just a beauty contest? Whenever I complain about abuse, People act like you have no rights unless you win their beauty contest. Most the time actively trying to make you lose. If I thought I was in one, I’d dress up more. I think the people who think this way are stupid and superficial and not qualified to judge anything.


Sadly, I think you’re right. Life is a beauty contest and it’s not fair because I’m not a Barbie.


i dont think it is but men are different, i dont compare myself to other men like a woman would do to other women, life isnt and shouldnt be a competition about how attractive you can be, sometimes its the flaws that make us perfect, perfect imperfection, makes sense to me anyway xxx


I dont even care what i look like anymore.

Im stuck in a room too paranoid of the world.


I think for women, their lives are a beauty contest until they get married and have children. As for men, it’s about how much money they earn/generate and the influential/political power the wield on other people.


I’m bisexual and although I’m bi, I’ve always operated in the LGBTQ subculture most of my life. There, it’s a beauty contest among the men. At least in the 80’s through the millennium. For the women, it is not as much of a beauty contest. Women judge each other based on more than just looks. Things like personality, coolness factor, looks, money, clothes, job, sex appeal, etc…etc… Women take the whole person into account.

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Are you okay? 1515


Yeah, @anon1152203, what’s going on?

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Ah im fine thanks.

Just tired and lonely, the usual problems.


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