Is it possible to get PTSD from delusions/hallucinations?

is it possible to get PTSD from delusions/hallucinations?

Yes it is, I have PTSD from my hallucinations. On the bright side you can reject your hallucinations and pstd will subside.

This is why I catch myself when I regress.

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Good question.

I had ptsd from a mugging, I am pretty I have read somewhere that a lot of people who have schizophrenia also suffer ptsd.
Not 100% sure if you can get ptsd from delusions though, or the trigger for your schizophrenia caused the ptsd and schizophrenia.

Anyway, I had it PTSD for about 5 years,
I went to a psychologist, she told me to go back to the site where I was mugged.
Within minutes ptsd was gone like magic, its called exposure therapy. I think you face your demons or something like that.

PTSD is tough,

If you conquer it, you will find your life very different.

I presume it is possible to get PTSD from delusions/hallucinations. Also, I presume mental hospitals generally cause trauma. Why do you ask?


That’s an interesting question. I don’t find schizophrenia traumatic. I find it more traumatic people’s attitudes towards those with schizophrenia than the disease. I find people are generally kind-hearted, but it’s those with anger issues and poor resources that take out their anger on minorities. Often, minorities act in retaliation against perceived wrong-doings as well. Ferguson riots are one example of minorities taking out their rage in unhealthy ways, and it didn’t really get them anywhere. Regardless of how hurt you are, your response to trauma is the means of overcoming it. I think hallucinations can be traumatic and there have been observable changes to people’s brains who live in daily states of distress or trauma, often from depression or schizophrenia. I know people who have looked into trauma recovery centers for their loved ones with schizophrenia, but I do not know for certain how effective it is. I think it’s a new method people are trying out or exploring further. Mental hospitals also can be traumatic especially because the illness is so misunderstood.

I believe I have PTSD from my past delusions. I was terrified to say the least when I was ill.

oh for sure, i had ptsd for like 1 year after my first episode

I think you can in the form of building a fear of your hallucinations and you will never really forget those “experiences”. The best thing you could do in my opinion is come to terms with your voices instead of running from the trauma. IDK I’m dumb I wouldn’t know because when my voices were “mean” I really didn’t take that offense long term just kinda knew that they were trying to get to my vulnerable spots and I didn’t want to let them…

I mean they hurt at the time and when I was in that long episode for like a month. They got to me but I mean now it’s different.

IDK Now my episodes are like a day or two long because I am very medicated. And they aren’t stopping me from functioning so IDK I kinda have it lucky because my family intervened and sent me treatment very very early like exactly right when it all started…

I’ve read of it before, yes.

My therapist told me some of my symptoms/behaviors were similar to someone who’d been through a significant trauma as well.

Some of the stuff you experience while psychotic is really flipping disturbing and frightening. (Or at least mine is) It makes sense that it could traumatize a person.