Is it possible that my meds will work after years, cause I was too sick before for years?

My doc don’t want to switch my zyprexa. It has the less side effects on me. The problem is that it’s like a candy for me… Maybe I was ultra sick for too long? And that’s why I don’t feel it still? It pulled me out of the bed, but my psyche is sick still… Should I really show patience and just try to do more and more every day? Can it work in years, not in months? Or I’ll just never get better? :smirk: I tried all the others aps, you know this… Even the junkies like the zyprexa. But my mind is always ruminating here, sometimes I get very painful headaches in fact… For my situation now - I mostly have my fears (and then the somatic symptoms) , my cognitive deficiency, the lack of positive emotions, my paranoid brain. But maybe it’s normal to be so bad after 20 years of illness… I should wait still? I hear you when you say to me, that I should move, but sometimes it’s impossible. Unfortunately, I am very sick now :disappointed:

My mind ruminate so much more because I am doing less things.
I try to keep myself distracted with things otherwise I will definitely go crazy
I know wat you mean it’s hard when there’s less motivation to do so…

Thanks for the answer :wink:
I am a bit freaked out, cause lately my head hurts again so much even when I watch tv, even when I do some things… I don’t know if you see… My thoughts race even when I do some things and I get those terrible headaches. I cant stop thinking, but it looks like some sharp state sometimes… I will hope its temporary…
Otherwise, who got better after years though and this, without a big help from the meds no matter that you were taking them? I know we need them. But when they help on 20 pourcents only for example, its tough…

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But do you find strange, that this ultra heavy ap is like a candy for me? I don’t feel the anxyolitic effect on me :confused:

Are you asking if your meds will work after 20 years because that’s how long you were ill? I don’t think that’s how it works, sorry. Maybe you would fare better with more than one AP? Are you maxed out on Depakote?

How is therapy going? @Anna1

Go get an MRI scan if it is really bad

No, I wasn’t talking about 20 years waiting… But maybe 3, 4, 5 years? Idk, my pdoc was saying to wait. Its strange the Zyprexa is sometimes as a candy for me… Every other person would be knocked out by it… I guess I am too anxious, not calm in my mind… Did your aps lifted your emotions, guys? I honestly believe, that if I had more emotions, it would be better. I guess I live too much in my head. But its a delicate thing to achieve I find… Cause the emotions are not supposed to be in detriment of the reason… and my reason suffers too a bit :confused:

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