Is it normal to feel the need to hum constantly?

For several months now I’ve felt the need to hum almost constantly. The only times I’m not humming are pretty much if I’m talking, trying to sleep, or really focused on something. A lot of times I don’t realize I’m doing it. Sometimes even when I am trying to concentrate on something, I can’t because I can’t stop humming. Well, let me rephrase that. I am able to stop humming, but I get a really uncomfortable feeling that I don’t know how to explain, other than by saying it’s uncomfortable. Does this happen to anyone else?


Do you live with other people? Does it bother them?

I live with my stepdad and he hums often during the day. I find it a VERY annoying habit. He does it without knowing it. He also has the need for some kind of background noise, and I think humming is his self made background noise.

I hate noise. I would advise against the humming habit.

You might be one of those people who gets anxious if there isn’t any background noise. I once had an extremely anxious friend. She always had to have the T.V. on day and night otherwise she would get extremely anxious if there was any quiet.

Yes, I live with my mother and it gets on my her nerves, but only if she has a headache or something. She has told me before that she likes that I hum while doing things, but today she told me to stop because I was humming Yankee Doodle without realizing it and she had a headache. I’ve tried to stop before, and I’m not doing it on purpose. Just like I said before though, when I try to force myself to stop I get the uncomfortable feeling. I’m never really around anyone else, so as far as I know it hasn’t bothered anyone else other than my mother and myself. I agree though, it is a bad habit to have if your around other people while doing it.

That kinda makes sense, because for a long time I had to sleep with noise on. I would either play music or play YouTube videos on my phone and set it beside me. I don’t think I ever thought of it as an anxious thing, but maybe it was.

I have tourette’s, and I used to hum, beep, and chirp all the time as a kid. Now, I can mostly suppress it by chewing gum constantly. As long as my mouth is busy, I don’t get the urge to make weird vocalizations.

Hmm, I make a lot of weird noises (squeaking, random nonsense syllable babbles, other small child noises) when I’m by myself, but for some reason I have some measure of control around others. I find if I have something to chew on, I don’t make noises as much.

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Well, at least you found something that helps you with that. That’s good. I’ve noticed with my humming habit that even when I’m drinking something I’ll still hum unless I’m in the middle of swallowing it. Hopefully I can find something to help me with it. I am almost positive mine is not Tourette’s though.

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Maybe you just really like humming? There are worse habits to have.


I don’t hum, but, I sing to myself practically constantly. Especially the songs that I’m practicing on the piano at the moment. And I am not a good singer, so it really bothers me to have these songs constantly going all the time. And I tend to sing really emotional, tear jerking songs so it really bothers people. But it doesn’t bother my emotions to sing them.

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