Gender and Schizophrenia

My child also has sz. They are non-binary. I was wondering how common differing gender identities were within those with sz/sza. Do you have a gender identity outside the norm?

I identify as female. Some definitions would include me as intersex because my testosterone is in the male range. I chose not to treat it. However, I was able to have children anyway. I was assigned female at birth and I consider myself cis.

I dont think gender has to do with sz but I read that men are diagnosed with sz earlier than women.

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When did you identify female?

You act like this is something common.

ahhh, no!

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I don’t think gender identity and sz/SZA are related. How old is your child with sz?


Gender variance and SZ are not known to be linked, as far as I know. But gender variance is linked with autism. And autism has genes in common with SZ.


I’m cis hetero male but that doesn’t define me. I don’t believe in group identities other than identifying as a unique individual different from everyone else.

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Thanks. We are both on the spectrum as well.

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I’ve always identified as female.

Divergent gender identities rates are raising among youth, so it is becoming a norm.

wait, what’d you say?

ok, the interesting thing is that many for centuries have wanted to,

do you think you got rights on today? and why today. is this progression?

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I feel non-binary but idk. the most feminine I can remember was just being girly when I was like ten. I mean so much is attempted to appear either feminine or masculine maybe instead of id as non-binary look at how biased the appearance of masuline and feminine can be or have been for a long time…

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I’m non binary and autistic with sza.


At one point I had a dx of schizophrenia and ‘disorder of gender identity’ . It took me a while to accept two things (1)Due to the sz there was no way I’d be seen as a suitable person for hormone therapy and SRS(This was c1983) & (2) that due to my practical and social inadequacies I’d have difficulties being a woman, no more no less than I do as a man.

Various gender tests online invariably place me as far more feminine than masculine. However I’m not one of those people you can see who looks quite feminine anyway, and can easily pass visually as a woman. I do wonder how many people there are like me, emotionally etc far more feminine than masculine but ill equipped to live successfully as a woman.


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