Is it morally wrong?

Over a month ago I bought a LP player which has yet to be delivered to me because they didn’t have it in storage, so last week was the black friday shopping week or whatever and the same player was discounted by about 80$.

So I canceled the order I made to begin with and made a new order last week with the same player, just a different color, which I really wanted anyway.

My logic was that if they hadn’t been able to deliver it to me for all this time I deserved to get it cheaper anyways. I was under the impression that I it would be sent to me right away.

What would you have done?

Nothing wrong with taking the better deal


Same as you…


You found a better deal…nothing morally wrong with that.


I would have done the same

Earlier in the year I ordered a printer for £70, and they lost it in the post, so they ran out of stock and offered me one with a scanner that was £120

They asked me to pay the difference, and I said no please get your manager to authorise that I get the upgrade for the same price.

Good customer service prevailed, and I got a better printer.

Don’t feel guilty. These companies have much more funds than the average consumer

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Good move 5544444

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If it is not to your liking in regards to colour you could legally have returned it any way if it was bought online. You saved them money in the long run.

You owe no allegiance in a capitalist economy anyway. If you had bought it from a friend then that is another story, but this is a business transaction. It wasn’t delivered quickly, so paid the price.

You owe no capitalist company anything.


Thanks for the replies guys.

Sometimes I start to question my own morals and think that what I’m doing might be shady or selfish, but it’s good to know that apparently most people would have done the same and that it’s considered a legit move.

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You don’t owe a company more money. Loyalty to corporations is a myth. Take what you can for as cheap as you can get it. They wouldn’t have discounted it $80 if they couldn’t afford to sell it for that price.


Nothing wrong with shopping for the best deal. Morals or not, it depends on their policy.

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no you’re not morally wrong, you’re not wrong at all. That’s good shopping.

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