This was rather upsetting here in town

I had some money, and a got a really nice new recliner, mainly for my neck and head pain, really cushy,

and then 2 weeks later, the place I got it from is having a Going Out of Business sale.

if I just waited, I could have saved 200 or 300 bucks.

I hate it when they do that.


there’s no ethics in business,

and furniture companies are notorious for this.

I’m sorry that happened 200 or 300 bucks is quite a lot of money to save. Jerks.

You have problems with headaches and neck pain? Do you have arthritis? I do, it’s awful.

yeah I do, and I saw you mention yours.

I don’t want get on pain pills though, usually just deal with it,
or hope Ibuphrofen helps.


I take a pain pill that is sort of like Ibuprophen, but you only have to take one and it’s easier on the tummy. The ibuprophen was starting to bother my stomach. Right now I’m down to one a day usually, every once in awhile it’s too much and I gotta take a second one. It’s Diclofenac. It’s just a bit stronger and not an opioid.

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used to get it bad in my knees when I was a runner,

started running in the grass,

no way in hell am I getting a knee replacement surgery.


Oh god, could you imagine how hard that would be to deal with.

yeah, I’ve heard horror stories.

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I saw folks in physical therapy dealing with that, I felt so bad for them

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That really sucks if it was a bigger business you probably could have taken it back as it’s within 14 days and maybe bought it again

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yeah, it’s rare I buy whole price for Anything.

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Jys n regta does


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