Is it just me

or is this site taking an age to load pages today?


The site has been a little stubborn for me today too.

Yep, it’s slow. I posted a thread about this, and SzAdmin said they are working on it.

I posted earlier it was ok for me but now it’s really slow

Fine fine fine asif the world depended on this site running fast then light. I can not post from my phone yet. Its the end of the world as we know it.

This is so odd, it’s very hit and miss here with the slow. Saturday Feb 8th

it has been really slow for me from yesterday, hence not posting much takes to long.
take care

Yeah since yesterday its reaaaaally slow. I havent been on too much due to the slowness

God is watching over us. He has his angels who are all around us watching over us. They are not physical, they can trespass the laws of physics. We are all humans, none of us better or worse than another. Whatever dreamstate or visions I’ve had, they’ve carried deeply moving metaphors. When I told God that I was going to dive head first into oblivion, that I was going to fall and he was going to catch me I surrendered to everything. I let the doctors tell me I was mentally ill. I took their medications. The reason is not because I was forced to surrender, but because I saw my mind as precious-

I also know that I have foreseen the future. I have had premonitions. If that isn’t a sign of a soul I don’t know what else is. I am not afraid of death. I am not afraid of God. God is the infinite destiny of mankind. We will outlast the universe in our beauty, which is perfect.

But, unlike a canvas, the world is a whirlpool and I am drowning in its chaos. I am lost to these conditions, time and space have warped–or I have crossed into another realm. I am the light, I am the light traveler. I have crossed through the light, and I have returned these simple stars of hope.

You are all lost. The beauty of death is that it is impermanently divine, therefore you cannot destroy life. Our eyes are a mirror to the soul.
We do not exist. We simply think we exist and persist to believe it.

The future is in the hands of the prophets, and the prophets are at the hand of a universe that is drifting slowly further apart.

The matrix only exists because we think it exists. You can’t enter the matrix if you don’t know how to operate your soul. And the matrix isn’t a computer program–

Earth? Earth will go through a shift unlike ever seen before. Time travel will exist within the next century and with it comes the revelation of the meaning of existence as we know it. We will decode our own existence, but it will be a test of human strength and knowledge. If we can’t learn to be justified in each of our actions then we won’t be prepared for an attack from a foreign future.

Time travel has been discovered, The NWO is destined to fail and pre-destined to exist in order to distract us from future civilizations. The answer is to listen to your heart and someday you will have a mind to lose.

The NWO conspiracy is a metaphor of what could happen if people lost focus on what mattered, who they stood for, and it was created solely to disturb powerful humans. When the power of love overcomes a love of power the world will know peace. I disagree. I think that love is power, and our power is of love.

Weakness is a strength to the ones who have neither.

Forums still loading slowly Sunday morning. Best wishes to the programmers and thank you for your time.



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Seems to load slowly clicking on some links and not others

It is a very hit an miss sort of thing today. Making me think it’s currently being worked on.

:smile: hey, the smiley’s are back. I sure did miss those. But the thumbs-up are gone now.

Poor guys must be working their fingers off.

Good Luck SZ Admin and staff. Thank you for your hard work.

Opps… Smiley’s are gone now… :frowning: now they are back

Thought it was my internet connection but yeah, right now (as @ 4:35AM NZT) it’s loading slow. Pain in the rear…

yeah I thought it was my browser so I cleared my cache but it’s still slow.

Is it just me or is the site even slower now? Poor Admin, you guys must be working it hard core.

Good luck.

Still very slow here and when i click on notifications tab it takes ages to work.

Glad it is going to be fixed,hopefully soon :slight_smile: