Have you had performance issues on this new forum?


Hi Folks,

Some people have reported performance issues (e.g. slow responses on pages, when visiting the forum) and I wanted to check how widespread these issues are.

Can you tell me if you’ve any any experiences with slow responses when visiting these new forums - or is it almost always pretty quick?

Also - have people tried accessing it from their smartphones yet and how has that worked for you?

Just go to from your smart phone web browser to try accessing these forums from your phone.


Here lately I wait and wait sometimes for the page to load then finally I reload it and it works.


Oh dear… the extremely slow speed on almost every page made me think you guys were crashing.


Pages were slow to load as mentioned in thread i started.


Is better now…


The forum seems to be working faster now.


I have a smart phone. The forum seems to be working okay from my smart phone.


Pages are still loading very slowly for me. (10:23 P.M.)


Was better but currently variable(5.15 UK time)…


I’ve been here both on PC and iPhone. Pages get stuck loading sometimes. Also writing on the phone is somewhat difficult at times because of the autosave. It pauses for a while and then letters I’ve written appear all at once. I do a lot more spelling misstakes writing on the phone because of this.


The auto save feature can interfere with my typing. Sometimes it takes awhile for pages to load.


Pages are very slow to load on both pc and iPhone. Also, the notification button hangs and will not display notifications. Finally, the freeze when typing a post is very bothersome.


Sometimes it takes a long time to load, or it stays on loading until i close the browser and do the same task again.


Every time I want to make a new reply it tells me to log in again + it takes a long time to get logged in.


What kind of smart phone do you have?


Thanks everyone for the feedback. Seems like we’ve got some major issues with the software that we need to fix. Luckily I have a great person who’s volunteered to help solve the issues and we hope to have things fixed soon!


An iPhone 5…