Is it just me or does the sz forum feel like it's dieing?

I don’t know why, but there use to be an aura of a market around forum everytime I say it, but now… it’s just empty… feels like walking into a empty mall.

like before, there would be at least 3 replys to this post… but now, it’s just dead… weird

People are going to sleep,

The majority of people on the site are American and its getting late here.


maybe that’s why… almost closing time at the mall, still guys like @far_cry0 should be still awake

@far_cry0 doesn’t participate in the forum much anymore.

man… the sexiest man alive left the forum and took all the girls with him… :weary::weary::weary::weary:

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Yeah this it always gets super slow at night.

Sad for me as I am pretty much nocturnal :frowning:

Interesting to think that I may be chatting mostly with people from other countries at night though.

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For me it’s fairly active though it has its quieter periods.

people from other countries and old boyfriend you stopped replying texts

maybe… but the glory days of midnight trolling seems to be at an end…

Im in uk at 4.50am (clocks went back to gmt tonight, so get to be awake for an extra hour). Ive found these forums quiet as well, but yes ive always put if down to the fact everyone is in bed.

Why troll?!15 char

by ‘troll’ I mean just posting nonsense I would never say in person :grin:

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I’m up today for some bizarre reason.

I just made some tea and it’s 1 am. I have to wake up around 8 am.

I suspect Google changed the search rankings for this forum. It used to be a lot busier last year.

I think dying is better than becoming reddit.

i didnt know the clocks went back tonight lol, but its ok :frowning: this is when SAD becomes a lot more prevalent i think,

seriously though, i’ve been seeing a lot of new users come on recently or maybe its just multiple accounts, its hard to tell when certain people on here change their names all the time or have at least 10 different accounts.

Well i’m from Australia, so i know that when i start replying to posts, that most of the people i’m talking to are American, and that they’ll be going to bed soon. It’s 1551 here at the moment, so i imagine a lot of people in America are now in bed. I think the forum still has quite a few posts. I’m only new so i guess i can’t really compare it to its heyday but every day i come on here there are new posts to read.

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The busiest times in America for this forum seems to be around 7:00 am and 6:30 pm (give or take an hour). I think it’s been that way for at least the last couple of years.

you’ll always get people who cant sleep i think.

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