Is it common to experience delusions even when taking medicine?


I am taking Latuda but still have some delusional thinking. Will it ever go away?


It should get less and less over time but if you do not start getting better in a couple months or become worried go see your doctor again. Not all medicine works for everyone and some people need combinations which come from trial and error. It can take years to find the right meds. Honestly I think most people who have found what works for them still experience these things just less often and have better control over how they react to them.


It might depend on the individual and the individuals medication. I’ve been on medication since 1983 and I have had delusions all along. Not as many as early on in my disease though.


I just doubled my dose of prolixin due to not being stable. I feel so much better now I can’t believe I waited so long to do it.


Yeah I’m extremely delusional at times but they are the same old delusions


I’m also on Latuda… have been for almost 3 years now. (I also take Seroquel) It’s been working great as far as pulling me up out of the rust brown numbness of negative symptoms.

But I have a few delusions that most likely will never leave me. I’ve been in therapy to work around them, but they are deep in my head, and most likely… always will be.

Being on meds… it’s easier for me to sort of feel when my thinking gets a bit unusual. I can sort of calm down when my mind is spinning and odd thoughts are coming in.

Yes… there are a few delusions that most likely will never leave me.


Thanks everyone.


I do not have delusion,I am in medication,but I face mood problem,still searching for a perfect answer,hopefully I can find one someday


Delusions constantly, even on meds.


I was on meds and had what I now see are delusions 10 years later.

But at the time I thought I was perfectly fine…


Delusions are the last to go and the hardest to eradicate, according to my psychiatrist. I still get delusions, I just deal with them.

It’s funny, my grandiose delusions are actually becoming reality. I keep making straight A’s and at this rate will be an excellent candidate for graduate programs. One of my delusions is that I am gifted, there was a thread on here where a dozen or so of us took IQ tests and mine came out as 133. Perhaps the site just bumped it up ten points? But still, 123 is quite bright. 133 would explain a lot, I often wonder just how I perform academically and know exercise and nutrition stuff and absorb information pretty quickly.

My delusions used to be that I was capable of athletic achievements, well I did kick ass when I was a martial artist and I did lift very heavy in proportion to my body weight as a powerlifter. My rank in powerlifting was the second highest, master rank, just below elite rank. Elite lifters have usually been training for several years, if not over ten, and usually they have powerlifting mixed into their jobs- like military personnel or personal trainers or gym staff, some sponsored powerlifters here and there. I had a total of 1140lbs while weighing 169lbs. That was after a year and a half of informal training alone and six months of formal training.

And I havent made a B on my transcript after getting on medication.



I’m not on medicine, but I’ve heard sooo many people say that their voices and delusions didn’t go away after taking meds. I’m not even sure what the medication does? I mean, does it just eliminate paranoia? Does it give lucidity? What does it actually do??


Since I was so unusual, teachers always ‘wanted me examined’ when I was in high school.
Even grade school teachers must have told my parents to get me some help or whatever. I was able to brush it all off. They gave me me an IQ test with 145 and this was well paid professionals by my parents who seemed to be proud?

But I have never been under the delusion that a mere number had anything to do with intelligence, success or recovery.


Im on clopixol and am having an awful time with it. Personally I odnt have much faith in meds.


yeah i’ve had delusions while on meds…quite how they were achieved is another story but yes i’ve definitely been there a few times. in fact i’ve only had one proper delusion off meds and that was 13 years ago…it just carried on once they put me on meds. nearly 6 months i was in hospital with the same crappy story. (delusion) and on meds all the while. different doses, then once i got out, different meds. then started hearing voices and seeing more imagery in my mind, all the while, on meds. then the delusion that i was telepathic with certain people, more meds. that lasted a good few years…then it exploded into more and more people i was supposedly telepathic with. started on injectable anti’p’s…nothing changed till about 2011 when i finally started to question how it was all possible and indeed if it even was possible and if it wasn’t, i knew where it came from. the more time goes on the more firm my belief that i am not telepathic with these people at all. i went through some pretty tough tele[athic warfare with everyone i met and i mean everyone, wherever i was and whatever i was doing, i could hear them all talking to me, plotting my demise in the most horrific manners but it wasn’t real…none of it. i fell for that one a few times…but i wouldn’t fall for it again. it’s more a question of experience for me i think, than meds. i’ve been down that road too many times for it to work again although they do try on occasion, to do it again.
i was sat in a restauraunt the other night with friends and family and the voices tested the delusional waters by doing impressions of all those around me. i was like…“whatever” and just carried on enjoying myself because i know that my friends and family are not telepathic, i know they love me, like me, etc. i’m confident of this as i’ve been through it all before, too many times to fall for it again. telepathy will never rear it’s ugly head again for me. too long in the tooth with delusions to even bother believing anything the voices say and you shouldn’t either.
it would be interesting to know, what, if anything the meds actually do, in my case. for some people they work wonders, for others so-so and others, not at all. they certainly haven’t worked wonders for me that’s for sure. but i can’t risk it (going off meds) while the kids are still young…maybe i’ll give it a try when it’s just me. you never know, it may well be ok. will have to wait and see i guess.

you know i wish mine were a simple case of too much cannabis when i was a teen. i wish it were but it’s not and i’m not about to pretend it is. the rape came first, the drug use as a way of dealing with it and subsequent torture. schiz? i think not. not diagnosed as such and never will be because i have the scars to prove it. so meds will probably never work for me. according to my psychiatrist my voices stem from abuse and so will probably never stop, whatever med i try. good luck to those of you trying different meds though. you never know…yours may actually work so don’t give up experimenting. x