Is it cancer?

On nov 15 I felt a small bump diagonally below my left kneecap on the outer side hard like an eraser
so I called and the clinic scheduled me for a phone appointment 15 days later on nov 30. This bump

was sore for one day with very little pain and no redness or swelling like they asked. Nov 30 comes
and the dr says I should come in for him to see it to know if it’s a concern and he schedules Dec 10.

At its widest it was an inch across but I can feel that it’s shrinking. The bump is now less than 1/2 in
diameter. Could it be it’s not cancer? I have, in the past, used the ER to see a doc for fear of cancer.

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If you’re concerned, then you’re doing the right thing having it checked out.


Very good idea to get it checked out.

Sometimes the body can form fatty lipomas. They are tiny clumps of cells that don’t hurt or cause any issues, but feel weird. You always need to get them checked out to make sure they aren’t actually something else, but they aren’t harmful. They usually go away on their own after a while, though some can stay around forever.


yea it’s good that you gonna get it checked out

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Thanks all for your responses. Doctor said it was nothing to worry about and scheduled open walk-in xray
appointment. My brain got a doctor’s assurance it isn’t cancer and now I’m tempted to skip out on the xray.

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