Is it better to shop for groceries once a month and stock up on bulk items, or weekly?

i find it good to get groceries once a month because i rarely have a way to get to the store and i can plan out meals. the only thing is sometimes i overeat or buy foods that go quick. i bought groceries twice this week because my fridge was almost empty from having to throw away alot of stuff from when i was away for months and I had received a bit more than expected once i got approved for food stamps

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I go shopping once a week to Aldi

The main reason I go there is because it’s cheap, and the store only has 3 main aisles

Hate shopping, but I do it weekly as I mainly eat fresh food that expires within a given week

I am not so great at eating out of the freezer, and all my meals are pre-prepared because I can’t cook for myself

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I do a fortnightly online shop, and eat mostly out the freezers. Any meat i will defrost the night before in the fridge. Ill nip down every few days for milk and eggs and bread from the corner shop.

If i cant sleep some nights - ill also do a shop at 2am down the 24hr tesco, but most of the time i will get it delivered.


It’s two separate questions. If you have a lot of space, like in your kitchen or your garage, it’s good to buy in bulk and store stuff. If you have extra space, you can buy stuff that’s on sale in bulk. You can also buy large packages of meat that are on sale and freeze them and eat them over a period of a week or month. Another idea is to buy seasonal fruit and vegetables and freeze them. Stuff like strawberries, for example, come into season in the summer so buy a couple lbs. for cheap and freeze them. You can freeze milk and butter too. You can easily find a list of fruit and vegetables that you can freeze. And you can easily find lists of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

So how often you go shopping depends on what you buy. If you plan like you say and you’re careful, you can plan meals and cook a pot of stew or chili or soup or a casserole and freeze it in individual portions and pull it out anytime you like. If you buy cooking staples like chicken and beef broth or diced tomatoes or tomato sauce you can buy them in bulk so you always have them on hand.


Hmm. . .

I Usually Buy Items When Needed.

I Never Stock Up. Sometimes I Run Out Of Food. And Fast For A Short Amount Of Time.

Or!, Eat Less Portions In General.

I’m Not Losing Anything In The Long Run. Saving Money For Other Thing’s.

And Feeling Healthier.

Plus, The Exercise In Walking For My Stuff Is Good.

Not To Mention, I Get The Luck To Enjoy Nature.

Not Trying To Make Thus All About Me.

Jus Sayin. . .


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i bought from aldi a few days ago, got ribeye and chicken and other stuff like stir fry vegetables and frozen pizza… they have good quality items

I like a combo. Once a month for staples and then once a week or two for fresher items.

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I don’t have a car, or the mental health to drive one, so I have to make several trips a week on foot.

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I go every couple of days to buy the expiring veggies at 50% off or more, weekly for some things (poaching really good sales), and we do a monthly run to a restaurant wholesaler for bulk non-perishables or meat that we can freeze. I’m able to reduce my grocery bill 40-50% from what I would spend paying straight retail at the local market for everything.

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I need my fruit. Weekly. Or else it goes bad too

I guess I could get canned fruit. It’s not bad.

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I go shopping with my support staff every Thursday to Morrisons which is a mid range supermarket in the UK. I walk there as its in town and a 10 minute walk from my house. I stick to a budget of £35 a week and this is just for food. (No cleaning products as these are provided from the group home) I can manage quite well on £35 a week. I go to corner shop for milk and bread sometimes too.

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I buy staples online at Walmart and Amazon whenever I feel like it and I go shopping for veggies, fruit, cheese, eggs dairy and bread once a week if they are needed. I’m still feeding my son right now even though he doesn’t live with me 4 or 5 times a week for dinners and brunch on his day off.

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