What NOT to do when you shop for groceries

I just bought 50 boxes of sugar-free, fat-free instant pudding, lol.
I still have 16 cans of tuna left out of the sixty cans I bought four months ago.

Sometimes its good to buy certain items in bulk - It saves you from spending your time going back and forth to the store all of the time - especially when you are too anxious going to the store like me

Haha! That instant pudding leaves a strange coating in my mouth. But the oreo cookie pudding is the bees knees!

I have the habit of buying steak sauce every time I buy a steak. I think there won’t be enough steak sauce left in the bottle that’s already open in the fridge, but there always is, and now there’s five bottles in there, all nearly full. :open_mouth:

Consolidate them into one or two or three bottles. I make my own steak sauce with Dr. Pepper, onions, tomato paste, Worcestershire sauce, and a few other ingredients. It tastes great.


One trick is to eat just before you go grocery shopping… It drastically cuts down on my food impulse buys.

The other is making a shopping list and keeping to just the list. Does help to keep a budget and also helps to curb impulse buys.

Shopping can sometimes be used as entertainment value as it’s a pretty much a instant gratification. If it’s a addiction or a habit. Best to keep receipts and only shop at places that you can return items is the way to go.

Debit cards are also a must and get rid of the credit card. Debt cards only use savings but purchases can be made like online shopping that normally require a credit card.


You must have a lot of storage space!

What items would you recommend buying in bulk , remembering storage space can be limited?

It will last. Plan to use 1 of each each week.

Sounds like a great recipe! I’ll have James, my butler, make some for the next feast! :smiley: Although root beer may be used in place of Dr. Pepper.

Sometimes buying in bulk is less expensive too.
We store some things down in our basement - paper towels, toilet paper, tissue boxes, canned tuna, snacks like potato chips - etc…
Yeah but you do need some storage space, it makes things easier

My basement is the flat below me :wink: I did buy 5x9roll packs of toilet roll and put the box in the bed room .

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Firemonkey. You buy in bulk the items that you usually already consistently buy. And try to buy them in bulk when they’re on sale. DON"T buy a large amount of grocery items that are going to expire before you can use them all. That’s common sense. But if you regularly buy canned soup or canned tuna then you MIGHT want to buy in bulk. Buy in bulk items that you are always going to the store for and eliminate going to the store so much.

What’s the opinion on supermarket budget label groceries ? Is the drop in price worth the drop in quality?

That makes sense but my problem is limited storage space(no basement) . Would have to be online grocery as that’s what I do nowadays . Would you just do a separate order for bulk items?

Here in the States (I think) we call those “store brands”. We have a store called Safeway that sells their own brands of food along side the “name” (most popular) brands. They sell stuff like peanut butter, ice cream, ketch-up, yogurt, dry cereal, etc. From all the articles I’ve stumbled upon on the internet the stores own brand is just as good as the “name” brands. On LOTS of items in grocery stores you are just paying for the label. So Safeway brand ketch-up is as good as Heinz ketch-up. In fact often there is no difference between “name” brands and store brands. But there are exceptions where it’s good to buy the most popular brand. I’m not confusing you am I?

I buy stuff in bulk online all the time.

No - one thing about buying at budget level is you haven’t spent a lot if an item isn’t up to scratch.

And then you learn not to buy it again.

what I learned Not to do at a grocery store is a. go hungry b. don’t buy over fifty dollars worth of stuff when it’s near pay day.