Is invega a 3 month injection?


I take abilify and risperidone, but I’d like to change the risperidone to invega.

Does invega come as 3 month injection, like, have invega injection every 3 months.

That’s the reason I want to try it. I’m sick of going to the doctors every 2 weeks for injection. 3 months sounds tempting.

Thank you.


I’m on pills 9 mg of invega. I’m tired also to go every month to get my prescription. I think it’s called invega trinza for 3 month shots but also I think you must do first invega sustenna one a month but I am not sure. Your pdoc knows better ask him/her


I’m not gonna take it. I’ll stick with risperidone and abilify.

I just read invega reviews and I don’t want it.



wise choice my man


I like more Invega than Risperidone


I’m on invega but the monthly. Yes it can come in the form of the 3 month so I’ve heard on here. I’d like that too but I’m doing quite well now on monthly.

It’s similar to the risperidone.

I’m tired of all the negative invega threads. I have a small side effect which is ache in legs. It wears off as the month goes on. Considering how well I have improved it is now worth it.

I’d rather not be on medication and it’s hard for me to take it but I wish the invega threads would stop.

You can mention it to your doctor. Yes it does exist.


I took it about seven months as a monthly shot. It was, at least for me, the best med I ever took. I thought my girlfriend said that the current study med I am on (ITI-0007-303) was the best, but last night she clarified and said although I’m going great on that, she thought I was at my best on the Invega shots. The biggest reason I liked it was that I felt very energetic and motivated to do a lot of things around the house that I had previously neglected. Like cleaning and all sorts of small and easy stuff that I hadn’t noticed for a while. I was going across the street and picking up small items at the store a lot for my girlfriend and her visiting daughter. I found going out and being alone in public was easier and I felt comfortable with all the social situations that came up. My thinking wasn’t so muddy anymore. Part of that was that the shot gave me a more consistent blood level of the med. With taking an oral dose, the meds spike right after you take it and slightly dip as time goes on before the next dose. At least that’s what one of the doctors told me.


Invega Sustania is 1 month
Invega Trinza is 3 month