Is hearing voices a common feature of schizophrenia?

I have been lurking for a few days and now I’ve decided to post.

I have noticed that many people here suffer from voices that don’t go away. For me this is concerning because I’m beginning to realize just how bad some people have it, and how lucky I have it.

I was hearing voices for the first and only time during my third psychotic break. The hospital gave me a drug cocktail and after sleeping for 1-2 days straight I never heard voices again. When reading here I’m starting to realize how lucky I am, And, I’m always on a very low dose of medication and it seems to work for me.

Is hearing voices a common feature of schizophrenia? Did any of you ever find relief after having voices, to become voice free?


My one voice is less persistent when I’m less stressed. He only really crops up if I actively notice he’s not there, then he’ll just start blabbering until I put on some music or do something else to ignore him. Occasionally another one will pop up, or I’ll get a command hallucination (happened once) because of stress.

But yes, audio hallucinations are very common. It’s the most common type of hallucination.

My auditory hallucinations aren’t organic, per se; they revolve around hearing people say things differently from what is actually said to fit the theme of my psychosis. I have to be deeply psychotic for this to happen.

I’m in remission with no voices for about a year now. the previous 2 years I had voices sunrise to sunset, although mostly in the evenings. I’m not sure how I feel about it really, I guess it’s a good thing that I no longer hear voices, but I feel as if I’ve lost some magic.

the good news is without the distractions of voices, I’m able to drive and go about a normal day. next week i’ll be applying for work, so things are starting to normalize for me. I’m a little concerned the voices will come back and they’ll prove to be disabling and I wont be able to work. It is a mystery to me though, 2 years with voices and then a little medicine is introduced and I enjoy a voice free year.


I’m on a bunch of meds and I still hear voices constantly. It’s lasted for 4 1/2 years this time. I was able to get them to go away in the past and I didn’t think I was sz anymore so I stopped meds twice. They came back really hard this time and they haven’t stopped. Some of the mind control stuff seems to be getting a little better these days but I still live with the voices whenever I’m awake. I guess my advice is don’t go off your meds even if you feel symptom free because it might come back 10 times worse than it was at the beginning. That’s what happened to me.


Yes, I was very, very paranoid all of my adult life until I turned 56 years old and all the paranoia stopped suddenly. I am very grateful for this. I still hear infrequent, quiet, mumbling voices at times but they do not bother me in the least. I too consider myself very blessed indeed to be completely free of bothersome symptoms today after a lifetime of torturous symptoms. It is a great feeling! I am 58 today.

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I don’t really hear voices that much anymore.

Hearing voices is a common SZ symptom but is not necessary.
Some people like me don’t have auditory hallucinations all the time.

I’ve been hearing voices since I was ten. They’ve never really gone away, and I don’t expect them. I don’t really mind them though. I’ve kind of just learned to drown them out.

I don’t hear voices exactly but I do have my mind always busy, there’s this AP I take sometimes to sleep that shuts off my mind and I notice a difference like I finally can have my mind blank

Fairly common. I don’t have problems with hallucinations.

Auditory hallucinations are not uncommon in the context of schizophrenia. Delirium superimposed sometimes triggers those too. A skilled psychiatrist will know how to differentiate and treat it.

Now i only hear voices when i remember i have psychosis and they usually say a word and i become awere of IT and become conscienceos of it then it goes away.

Hearing voices are the most common even some depressed people heard them in they life time

My voices come and go music and other things lessen it though.

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