Is Employment support allowance paid every 2 weeks?

what is wrong with you guys, i lived in UK so long and worked a lot to sustain myself and pay for national insurance. I just couldnt support myself and get any help because nhs is broken so I had to return to my country for hospitalization. I still think there is going to be some kind a deal, i moved there pre-brexit and I have insurance

My country’s government insitution negotiated with UK officials, i just comoleted ESA handbooks and sent them, pleaae tell me how is this illegal

whats happening, something illegal happening.

You were here gaining more money than you would in your own country, what are you complaining about? We don’t owe you anything. The only reason I wouldn’t call you a prick is if you don’t actually know this.

@DearZombie please close it, people are being too mean about a working foreigner claiming some support from a country that I worked

i actually planned my future in UK, i wasnt sz until 2 year of uni. I had to pay massive landlord rents, pay tax with all the goods i purchased and also NI payments. I was even asked while in UK by my nurse practitioner if i wanted to claim benefits

That doesn’t excuse trying to take advantage of someone. Look I was right. I shouldn’t have backed down. Youre doing something wrong and I am pissed off that you can’t admit to it.

Im doing wrong? Am i actually hurting you? I need that money to be able to live. I am not breaking any law, everything ia legal. You dont know how hard ia even to claim a benefit

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For the record, anyone that gets nasty and calls names will be suspended. There was no reason for this type of behavior.