Is each persons sz or sza unique?

I think it is unique 100%

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Everybody thinks they are unique.

We’re all the same.

Schizophrenia or no.

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Each person is unique so why not

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Of course every case is unique,
schizophrenic or not


but we have all different degrees of syptoms

different issues ,different problems different past histories

its unique imo

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our diagnosis might be the same

but that is a label we deal with pending

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I agree,

my sza might be total oppisite to another’s

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Yes, the symptoms, their intensity, their duration, their texture, all different.

on the other side of the coin

everyone well most here have been psychotic so in a way thats why we are similar

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birds of a feather

flock together

Well, a diagnosis is a word for a set of symptoms. So even if a bunch of people with the same diagnosis have different experiences and severity of symptoms, chances are some of the struggles are of a similar nature.

After spending a lot of time on this site, I see similarities in a lot of symptoms and how they present themselves.

When I talk to someone with a mental illness like this one, they’s usually say “this is gonna sound really weird and I swear I’m not crazy”, and then describe a symptom where I can name at least a handful of other people who had it.

Yeah, I’m the only one who has recycled X-Files alien crap fo sho.

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