Is each schizophrenis unique?

i am diagnose as sza,I am starting to think each case is one of a kind


Each of us are just different superheroes.


im rebelling more against society

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Yea cause some people need meds for life while some dont


chemical lobotomy? drugs


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Every person is unique. Each person’s brain is as unique as their fingerprint. It’s ok to trust your own intuition about things that affect you.


Seems to be different for most of us. Guess that’s why its on a spectrum.

Many sz have the same delusion of telepathy/though broadcasting. However, I have only talked to couple people going through the same delusion as me that are on this site. They also report hearing voice of an old friend who is constantly making fun of them. And for some reason we can’t get them to stop or stop our thoughts going to the owner of our internal voices…


That reminded me, when I was a kid, I thought people with mental disabilities and illnesses, like autism and such, were superheroes.
In my mind, they’d just traded in some part of their intelligence, like social intelligence, for enchanced abilities in other areas.

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I have had this same experience with the telepathy and a friend. The abilify has stopped it.

The word you are looking for is savants.

Was the voice always putting you down? Did it just go away or did it take a change of thinking.

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Always putting me down, telling me that I needed to lose weight. Making comments when I showered or was on the toilet, as they could see through my eyes. No privacy.

Going on to Abilify really helped. I still get it sometimes, but I’m more able to ignore it and now know that it’s a product of my own mind, even though the internal voices are independant of my thoughts… if that makes any sense.

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No, just generally people with deificits, I believed as a kid the deficits made them great at other things, and that made them kind of superhuman.

Thats good! Glad you recovered through it!

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We are all the same, yet different.
If this makes sense. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Thanks. How are you with it now?

Clozapine has helped. Started taking it 6 months ago. But 2 months at 600mg the max dose. It has reduced the amount of voices I experience in a day and feel my thoughts aren’t always going to this one person.

Suppose to kick in more but I dont know for how long

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If it doesn’t improve more, maybe have a word with your psychiatrist and see if they can suggest anything else? Of course, that’s if you want to. Changing and adding meds can be a right old pain in the backside.

I also felt like all my thoughts we going to that person too.

You’re right. Each case is unique and one of a kind.