Is better to be alone then with the wrong people

There is a saying in my country
“who is alike will get toghter” (not the best translation)


It’s definetely better to be alone than with the wrong people.


Here in Spain we say “mejor solo que mal acompañado”.


The thought crosses my mind often that actually… Better bad company than none at all.

And if you’re a good example they might end up not as insufferable as they were in the end.

in north america we say “birds of a feather flock together”


Your own company is much, much better.

We say that here in Portugal too.
It kinda translates to ‘better off alone than in bad company’

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Youre absolutely right. Being alone is better for many reasons when you have sz…maybe not the healthiest thing though

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I would say it’s better to be alone than with the wrong people. Having said that when a person needs company ,is vulnerable , and has something that negatively impacts on their ability to get good friends , that can mean in the desperation for company judgement can be compromised .

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That saying in the USA is birds of a feather flock together. I think being all alone is tough on people, but so is being with the wrong people. I’d trying joining groups and doing hobbies so you can meet new people who are better for you.


It’s definitely better to be alone than with the wrong company.


When you’re with the wrong people you can’t have an intelligent conversation, but when you’re by yourself you can.

Being alone is usually more painful than being with the wrong people, but being isolated has its hazards. You get eccentric if you spend too much time alone. Being with the wrong people will kill you quicker, but being alone gives you a long, slow death.

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Being alone and be with someone is definitely worse.
I am happy to never be in a relationship again.
Just focusing on my kidlets from now til my time is up.

Being alone is better than the wrong people. At the VA they have recreational therapy classes that I’m slowly joining so I don’t get overwhelmed, but I’m meeting new friends and it’s had a positive impact on my mood.

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It is better to be alone.

I’ve got some like minded voices but I don’t want to talk 24/7. I need to mute them for sanity’s sake. I’ll find people to talk to in person.

Depends how wrong they are for u. Being completely alone would drive me crazy

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