Is anyone here scared of going to hell

Particularly burning in hell?

I try really hard not to think about it. I used to freak out all the time about it. But I made a decision to stop allowing myself to ruminate on that anxiety ridden belief. Sometimes I can’t help it but I encourage you to try not to think about hell at all

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I’m an atheist but I’m scared of there being a hellish place after death and scared of ending up there. So you’re definitely not alone.

It’s a good incentive to stay alive though.

We are already burning In hell aka(earth)


The idea of hell was created by ancient humans.

Evil only exists due to our physical bodies and suffering

After death nobody is going to be punished or sent to hell, if anything we will become one with the universe, or start a new life in a higher dimension (continue on).


Nope to feel burning you need nerves.

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The ancient Pope explained that you’re resurrected only to be burned constantly.

Being resurrected isn’t possible.

I never thought about hell, all my delusions were about heaven and killing myself to get there faster as I am God. I also thought I was Jesus and that I will end the world and time by bringing heaven and angels to earth. I needed to sacrifice my physical body first.

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We don’t even know if such a place exist, but yes I am scared of it. A place of pain and agony.

When I first became I’ll, I thought witches were after me for going to see a psychic adviser and following her advice. Now I don’t worry about it because of my beliefs.

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Naw, I’m scared of going to Cincinnati when I die.


No, I think after you die it’s nothingness, just like before you were born.


I’m agnostic so I don’t know if there is an afterlife or not but I am not scared of going to hell because I don’t believe I have done anything worthy of such punishment.

I went from not believing in hell before the disorder, to being deathly afraid of going there for the first few years of the disorder, then back to not believing in it.

That being said it’s a super common delusion even among the non religious. It’s also incredibly scary.

I feel like I’ve been to hell it felt real but temporarily like an alien simulation. I’ve been to worse places like being sent to different horrible timelines that may have been almost real life like a simulation like we could be living in now. Happened thousands of times or more. Like many world’s theory or reincarnation for lack of a better word…

Hell isn’t that bad but I think Christianity is true in some sense and not real in others. I don’t know. I really want to be a Christian but then this whole Super Soldier thing is messing with my mind. Like I’m stuck in a time loop and they wanted me to be a Christian (the aliens or some powerful people) so I do that. I have a much better life and happiness, but it still doesn’t seem to stop the immortality, time loop, reincarnation thing that I keep re-experiencing for eternity.

I thought I went to heaven, or tried to, but really never made it. I think the closest I’ve been to heaven was “New Earth” on earth in the future, but I still don’t know. I’ve been to places where I didn’t have schizophrenia but had weird memories to say the least.

I think religion is a no no for me, but faith is okay. I believe in Jesus and God and that’s enough for me, but I still think it provides a good moral framework for humans to believe in and be a better person.

I don’t believe hell exists, but you have to face the consequences of your actions in this life and the afterlife.


I’m atheist, so no I don’t worry about going yo hell. Once you’re dead, I believe that is it. Nothing.

Diablo 2 remastered comes out in 3 weeks. I for one can’t wait for the gates of hell to be opened on my PC


Also an atheist and believe hell was a description of suffering in this lifetime.

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