Is anyone elses families this MI ridden

my father has sza, his oldest sister has sz and he had a cousin with sz. bipolar disorder runs in my mom’s family starting with my grandmother who i suspect had it but was never diagnosed. i have two aunts and an uncle with bipolar disorder all diagnosed and countless cousins. my mom has bipolar disorder and so does my brother. i have sza. i guess i am pedigreed for crazy. this is why i never want to have children i know saying that hurts my mom but mental illnesses are just to prevalent in both sides of the family


Yes, it was no surprise i go it. its on my mother and fathers side of the family, on my fathers side it is on both his mother and fathers side. I have 10+ living relatives who are suffering with some form of it .

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I hate to say it but I think I was destined to have at least some form of mental illness. I have ptsd too so that was evident when I was a teenager but it went ignored by my parents especially my mom.

I’m never going to have children. That would be downright irresponsible with my genetics,

i dont know anyone in my family that has mi there is one family member i know who has autism and a few with adhd but none with sz or anything similar i think i got switched in the hospital when i was born

on my dad’s side no one was diagnosed early in life except my dad’s cousin and me but my aunt and dad were diagnosed in their 40’s. so no one knew if it could be passed down until my dad was diagnosed and that provided a genetic link to me. all my mom’s family were diagnosed in their early 20s and late teens. so they knew it was genetic and still chose to have children.

I am the only one with mental illness in my family. My sister in law is bipolar but obviously no blood relation there. And she works full time as a nurse.

I didn’t get sick until my son was in the 10th grade. He is 23 now and healthy. Hope it stays that way.

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I hope so too @TomCat, I was diagnosed when I was 22-23 around there and my dad wasn’t diagnosed until I was 27. but he kept his illness a secret maybe he thought it was normal. I don’t know but I think if my dad had gotten help before I got sick I wouldn’t have waited so long to get help. I started experiencing symptoms October of 2008 but never told anyone until January of 2010 and didn’t seek out help until april 2010.

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I started experiencing symptoms in 2008 too. I didn’t get help until 2012. I had anosognosia. I thought it was just depression.

yeah I thought it was normal for people to sometimes hear voices it wasn’t until it started saying my name and telling me people were out of get me that I knew something was off

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Yup, did my Genealogy tree and traced my roots up a very large Nut Tree…no surprises here.


that is a very interesting way to put it

Was it healthy??

I’m the only one with sz in my family. My sister and niece have bipolar though. Everyone else seems normal.

Both of my brothers have psychotic symptoms. They refuse to get treatment for them. That also played a factor in me not getting help for ten years. Almost everyone I know had delusions and hallucinations, so I thought it was normal. We suspect we may have gotten it from our grandmother, but she died ten years ago, so we can’t ask her.

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My brother has depression. Apart from that, none of my relatives as far as I know suffer from any psychiatric disorder.

I think my psychosis was triggered by amphetamine exposure, or that’s what I was told by one psychiatrist.

My father was undiagnosed sza. My grandmother was undiagnosed sza. My sister is diagnosed psychotic depressive. My brother was diagnosed depressive. I am diagnosed sza. My niece is diagnosed bipolar. My grandniece is diagnosed sza. My son was diagnosed paranoid sz. My grandfather was undiagnosed depressive. My husband was diagnosed sz/OCD.
As you can see, very long history of MI in my family.

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its so easy to recognize undiagnosed people in your family sometimes. I know my grandmother on my mom’s side was bipolar. she had the mood swings, depressive and mania she also problems with stay faithful to my grandfather but my grandfather wasn’t a saint either but that’s a whole another story, problems is with my dad’s side we aren’t sure where the sz and sza originated, it kind of just popped up with the cousin first then my aunt when she was in her forties then me in my twenties and my dad in his late forties. there’s no pattern

Strong in mind and body and very independent.

They did the best they could despite everyone died from heart disease and cancer at a pretty early age (before 60) but a few skipped the early check out and lasted in their 80’s, my mom, dad and dad’s mom as the chosen few.

As far as Mental illness, my grandma’s mom spent years in the hospital for “melancholy” (Depression), this was from around 1910-1940’s.

My mom’s side, the guy’s all carried shotguns in their vehicles claiming the government was following them and harassing them…makes me wonder if I didn’t get this through birthright.
Would the ‘government’ really need to harass folks for generations?

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