Is anybody romantically into somebody now

I’m interested in a girl that works for my father.

I have a crush on Mr. Star. 7 years later and my stomach still flip flops when I see him unexpectedly. Well, honestly, that feeling has come and gone several times, it doesn’t stick around permanently. But even when I dont get butterflies I am still happy to see him.


I like this guy I met online. We met in person on Monday. He is sweet and caring. Hoping it will become something.


I don’t really get crushes anymore as I got older.


Ive currently been having on/off “relations” with a 24 year old chap. I was hesitant at first cos of the age gap. But he is a genuine nice guy.

Its nothing serious - and im treating more as a hookup.

Ive got a women ive been bonking on and off as well - shes not “so bad”, bit of a downer that she likes the drugs tho - and ive been a twat and been using with her lately, but ive given myself a kick up the arse and stopped that - before i get too outta hand with it.


What age are you?


When I look at market,I’d rather not have rotten fruit…
I liked when I was younger oportunity,now don’t have so much…
Im not pushy…

I’m in love with my husband. We’re going on 7 years of marriage and I still get butterflies when I look at him. He’s the best!


@Star84 im 46. :slight_smile:

Not me, I have a crush but that’s about it. Nothing of note

I’ve got a guy. He’s really into me but he doesn’t know about the sz stuff. He wants to get married quickly but I’m not ready for that. I do care for him though but don’t know how to say I have sz. He’s been really supportive regardless. He thinks I’m bipolar or something.

I used to get crushes easily in the past.
With age and risperdal this no longer happens.

Cool I really like your posts. You have a funny way with words.


I feel like I’m less into romance and more into true crime shows these days.

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I was madly in love with my ex gf only as recently as last January. But when she suddenly served me with an eviction notice and restraining orders on false charges, I fell out of love really fast.

Romance never again for me.

I’m interested in this one woman, but I’ll probably mess it up in my own inimitably spastic way.

I have no such afflictions at this time.

A girl tried to be romantically into me years ago, and I ended up pushing her away as I could not cope with the intensity of it

Put me off.

Not sure I’d like this kind of problem

Yes. I’m meeting someone.

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Been involved for 20 years. Almost 21. We’ve had rough spots but after O got treatment we’ve been super strong.


Did your horoscope match?Im mostly into fire signs…