Is acute schizophrenia treatable?

is acute schizophrenia treatable ?

Yes, with antipsychotics.


Success depends on multiple factors,
Good relationships, medication, therapy, psychoeducation, insight
Just the overall status is different person to person, but as far as I know schizophrenia is treatable, and recovery from it all may be in a better grasp since it was a acute psychosis.

Yes treatable, recovery is both on a neurological bases/self-relation/behaviors

And psychological interventions like CBT

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Yes, although that part is kind of hard during the acute phase. Well, for me. There’s no way, lol. Residual, sure.

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It depends on just how cute they are.

Yes. It’s definitely treatable.

Treatable, yes.
But not curable, at least as of yet.

The primary intervention is antipsychotic medications.
There are other methods of treatment, like talk therapy etc.
Wikipedia also says something similar.
Although, regarding antipsychotics, they are most effective for positive symptoms, and considerably less
effective for other symptoms, like negative symptoms, cognitive symptoms and possibly sleep
related issues associated with schizophrenia.
These antipsychotics also have notorious side effects.
So, not all is rosy in the fiefdom of schizophrenia treatment.

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Like most things that have no cure recovery is possible. Wish it was a straight line is a lot of going backwards and forwards and going around in circles. There are three things that science can’t really explain but have a big impact on recovery
Love - Loves still worth fighting for or is that a naïve statement? I don’t think it’s naïve and is part of life. Love’s just not a magical force to take all your problems away
Determination. One battle at a time day by day minute by minute if you have to.
Hope - A word that we all seem to know but fail to come up with a good definition.

See if this helps any also.

aye a good ol’ haldol injection and you are like new. :slight_smile: