IQ brain culture fair short test

Did this one a couple of days ago .

My score will intimidate no one. Go on. Have a go

IQ brain short test

Dude they charge scrilla to show you the results…
Besides, I only completed 18 out of 25 questions… although all my answers were probably correct. Oh and my internet connexion sucks, there is a delay until the next page is loaded.
Bottom line big failure.

My parents took me to a psychiatrist and they gave me an IQ test I thought I was doing too well so I started answering questions wrong.
But it still was high enough that my father got me into Mensa but I never went there because I have nothing in common with them I’m on a different planet.

Planet sz that is far beyond what anyone could ever understand.


That one is free but you have to sign up to get results.

I did sign up and they didn’t show anything. They probably have different policies for our country than for UK ??!

The result does take quite a long time to load.

Oh but the payment methods loaded pretty fast…
No man, I waited long enough. The test isn’t free for everybody, end of story.

Funny I didn’t have to pay then I tried again and it asked for payment.

Here is link to the free test on their site. Only 8 questions, in 2 minutes . Same Culture fair style.

IQ brain free test

I am very sleepy but I will try…

Here’s my score:

"Service Unavailable

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

Apache Server at Port 80"


I’m average it says but didn’t say score it’s asking to buy credits I think I wanted a certificate likes yours :frowning:

Perhaps try again later.

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I used the snipping tool on windows to get a screenshot of the certificate.

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I see. @firemonkey if I’m honest I just gave up and started picking shapes that looked right. I wasn’t even sure they were correct.

I did the test this morning on my laptop where I can take screenshots without much hassle.
It took me two attempts, the first attempt I wasn’t able to finish on time and it redirected me to an error page. The second time around I was faster.
I have extensive knowledge of this type of tests, which is why I usually score pretty high. It doesn’t necessarily translate to other areas of intelligence.


Firemonkey, if you have an inferiority complex, which I hope is not the case, I can try explaining you each question: how I reasoned before choosing an answer.
With practice you will be able to score higher on similar tests.

I have never been good at these culture fair tests.

The marked difference between them and my verbal score indicates a learning difficulty.

All IQ verbal

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"The Roman Catholic population of the world is larger than that of all other Christian sects combined."
I’m not sure about that… The Orthodox church alone has quite a few proselytes…And it’s technically a “church” not a sect… then there are Baptists, Adventists, Lutherans, Evangelists, Jehova’s witnesses, Copts… I find it hard to believe Roman Catholics outnumber all the others combined.

Anyway, here’s my score. I’m pretty happy with my result :blush: