Investigational drugs for anxiety in patients with schizophrenia


Anxiety is highly associated with schizophrenia and relapse. New treatments look very promising - and are available already in some areas of the world:

“pregabalin and the atypical antipsychotic quetiapine) were on Phase III/IV clinical trials for schizophrenia, with comorbid anxiety as a primary outcome measure.”


What is the best anti anxiety out there and does it have to be prescribed by a Dr


The best anti-anxiety medications are probably benzodiazepines - but they tend to become addictive which is bad.

Here are some links to those types of medications, and other anti-anxiety medications.

Yes - they all have to be prescribed by a doctor (in most countries).

Other anti-anxiety medications:


Xanax is probably bad as its short acting and not for us. Klonopin seems to be the doctors choice of benzo for us, and Ativan, as they are less addictive, more mild, and longer lasting. But don’t quote me I’m not a doctor. I take .5 of klonopin at night. If you have anxiety you’re less likely to abuse them, but maybe more likely to overdose if you do abuse them. Because if you have actually anxiety you don’t get high from them.


Yes - you’ll see those mentioned a lot in our forums. Here is more information on them:



I tend to keep my son away from anything ending in pam due to his addictive personality.

This is another anticonvulsant that can help with anxiety. It has helped my son’s in the past.