Invega withdrawal

How long does it last? It just hit me a few days ago. Anxiety irritability insomnia. It’s pretty bad

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I feel like everyone hates me. Like a ■■■■ up. I live in a dirty home because my roommate is a slob and I don’t have energy to clean my own stuff let alone his. Everything irritates me that doesn’t go right. I definitely can tel I’m off my meds but I’m dedicated to making this work I’m certain the meds made my psychosis worse. I haven’t had hardly any psychosis symptoms since stopping. Just moody but I believe it’s a withdrawal rather than an episode.

Depends on whether you got the shot or the pills. It does come in pills right?

Shot can be 6-9 months but it gradually lessens over that time.

I was on pills luckily

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That’s great news! Shouldn’t stay in your body more than a week or two if you have to stop taking it. I assume you told your pdoc?

I had really bad akathisia (restlessness) on Invega, it wasn’t the AP for me.

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Oh it’s been over a week since I stopped. I haven’t told her yet but I plan to. It happened on accident and I just kind of… rolled with it

For how bad I feel I’m coping okay ish. I keep having meltdown moments but they don’t last too long ad I don’t do anything. Just kind of freak out on the inside. I complained a lot to my coworker though about how bad it bothered me that another coworker threw me under the bus. Like mild crises. I have to learn to cope, I am sick of being like this,

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Invega withdrawals feel like it comes in waves for me but usual I will feel sick for the whole month taper down slowly

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I am going through the Akathisia now. How long did it last for you?

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The withdrawal for me lasted about 6 months for the side effects to mostly be gone, and 9 months for them to be completely gone.

welcome to the forum @sireci_94

Were you on the injection?

I’m 23 days off the injection wanting to know how long it will take to feel normal again

Oh sorry for the late reply I was asleep, it took me like 6 months to feel mostly better from side effects and probably a total off 9 months to feel completely better. I was on the Invega monthly shot and had three shots before switching off of it.

That’s okay thankyou for the reply. Can I ask when you say 3 shots are you including the loading doses? I had 2 loading doses then one normal shot of 75mg & I’m wanting to find out how long it might take me to feel normal again. Did you have 3 shots after the loading doses or including them?