Anyone get akathisia or anxiety from invega?

Im about to just bite the bullet and get an injection. I dont want to be stuck with restlessness and anxiety though. I get that a bit from vraylar. I got it severely from latuda and didnt get it except one day from geodon.

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I’d recommend you to stay away from Invega, the first months the akathisia was unberable, I couldn’t sit and had to smoke every ten minutes. You can’t easily escape from the shot, it takes from 150 to 294 days to leave your system.


I get akasthesia.

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it took about a year to get used to the Invega…restlessness passed after a few months. it never gave me anxiety…just weight gain and sexual sides

Nvr had restlessness but im there with u on the sexual dysfunction and weight gain. I had to walk 9 to 12 miles every day just to lose 30lbs in 4 months

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I didn’t gain any weight on geodon. Is it possible to not gain weight if i stay on a starter dose?

im not sure what you mean by a starter dose, but a lower dose will probably be more weight neutral. to start out I was on 234mg of Invega sustenna every 3 weeks and gained 35 pounds. my pdoc then changed my dose to 234mg every 4 weeks and I lost 17 pounds I had gained. the next time I see her im going to try to get her to agree to 156mg dose and I anticipate ill lose another 10 pounds.

are you talking oral or injection? I cant speak for the pills

I remember Invega giving me a bit of anxiety.
But it was pretty bearable.

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In the beginning it did cause some restlessness but I would say yes get it. I think depots are the smartest way to take meds unless you’ve been taking them for like a decade or something. It’s too easy to go manic, spurn AP’s, and relapse again. Monthly injections is good because it gives you some time to think about it. If you really really want to change something about your meds surely you can wait an average of 2 weeks! Otherwise I think it’s just convenient and safe! Why not take depots?

Concerning Invega in particular (not sure if other AP’s are injectable) I would say it’s not that bad so long as you’re not in hospital. If you have freedom to do whatever you want (I.e. Go places, ride a bike, listen to music) you will enjoy yourself and improve your social life