Invega & Trintellix

I was put on both Invega and Trintellix while in the hospital recently when I got released I had only gotten one dose of each medication and got 3 pills of each to take home with me. I’m having to try and space them out somehow until my follow up with the outpatient people of the hospital. My hope is that they’ll give me just enough to get me to the 31st when I see my psych. Another issue is that the Trintellix needs a prior authorization so I’m not sure how long it’ll be to actually get my medication after seeing my psych. Anyways, has anyone been on Invega? I know everyone is different on how they react to medications. I’m just wanting to know more so if it’s helped anyone. Also, if anyone is on Trintellix please let me know how that’s going as well. I was off meds for a few months again because my Abilify Maintena stopped working. This was the one medication I actually could see a difference on and a few months ago I was taken off it. My psych gave me the option of Trintellix and at that point I was just too fed up so I declined. When I went into the hospital though it was a mess so I had mentioned what my psych offered me and basically had them start me on it. The psych in the hospital added on the Invega to help with hallucinations and “peaceful” sleep. So yeah if anyone has any experience with these two medications Invega and Trintellix please let me know.

I was on Invega for a little over a year. First it was injections and then it was pills. It helped cut through my delusions as far as I can tell. After I got the shot, I think the next day I was completely non-delusional (and terrified).

My NP tried to prescribed me Trintellix but the prior auth never came through with the insurance company. I’m curious what you think of it? I tried Wellbutrin and Zoloft before but don’t know if they really helped.

Well I haven’t been on it long enough. I only got 3 pills of each upon discharge from the psych hospital so I’m having to space them out. I have my follow up at the hospital on Wednesday and hope they’ll give me enough to last till the 31st when I see my psych. I was told my psych would have to do a prior authorization when I see him I’m hoping I won’t have any issues. I’m double ensured so I don’t think I’ll have any issues. I’ve been on both Wellbutrin and Zoloft in the past they didn’t work for me.


I’ve been on invega sustenna injection for almost two years now. They gave it to me when I left the hospital because I wasn’t totally compliant with the oral invega. Now I take both the maximum injection of the invega sustanna and 6 mg oral as needed. The injection is what has really worked well and taken away 90% of hallucinations / delusions. I started trintellix about 5 weeks ago and ended up in the hospital with migranes (diziness, vomiting etc.) The headaches have stopped after about one month of having them. They decreased in severity after about 3 weeks. I’m glad now because trinellix has improved my neuro cognitive abilities. I was on Paxil before this for 21 years. Paxil is more of a sedative vs. Trintellix, almost a stimulant. I don’t have as many daily bouts of depression with Trintellix I don’t sleep as much but not as lethargic during the day. I have a part time job now and can actually focus and think more clearly on the Trillinex. Having the migranes was the worst i’ve ever felt as far as a sickness. But again I’m glad I endured it.

Invega gave me mental clarity and energy. The only reason I’m not still on it is because I can’t afford it. I was on Medicaid when I was on it. But now that I have social security disability, I no longer qualify for Medicaid. So now I have to be able to afford my meds. I’m currently on Haldol.

I take the Invega Sustenna 156mg monthly injection. I started with the max dose of 234mg and got it successfully lowered after about 9 months. It took some time but my delusional thinking eventually went away. After I came back down to reality I got hit with a very severe depression and started having nightmares. My psychiatrist put me on 100mg of Wellbutrin and I started feeling better immediately and got my motivation to do things back. That lasted for about a year during which I tried a lot of different medications for sleep but they only worked temporarily.

As for the injection it cleared away my delusional thinking, I don’t hallucinate as much, voices pop up randomly, I’m firmly grounded in reality, I can formulate thoughts and speech clearly which I was having problems with, I still have racing thoughts and my memory is pretty good not as good as it used to be and my cognition and thoughts have gotten a lot better.

I read books, listen to podcasts, take regular showers, maintain my hygiene, work a little bit, talk to friends and socialize when I can. Even though I get hit with depression from time to time and sleep 12 hours a day I’m in a much better place where I was almost 3 years ago. I’m hoping the injection continues to work and I can maintain my stability for years to come and things continue to progress as they have.

As for the side effects I have low libido, sexual dysfunction, low semen volume, high prolactin levels, slightly high cholesterol, and twitching in the face sometimes.

Hopefully this helps and I hope you are lucky as I have been to find the right medication that works for me the second time around. Good luck with everything and hang in there!!!