Invega sustenna & saphris

My oldest brother told me that he ran into a psychiatrist who has had a miraculous success in treating severe cases of schizophrenia with Invega Injections combined with Saphris. I am considering changing my other brother to this medication regime. I am wondering if anyone else is currently on these two medications at the same time and if so what doses are you taking.

I’ve never taken Invega but am taking 30mg Saphris. Saphris is pretty great compared to other anti-psychotics I’ve been on - Risperdal, Clozaril & Thorazine. Little to no side effects. Only downside is that its sublingual, its super expensive if your insurance doesn’t cover it (my pharmacy said it was over $1000 a month for the 30mg!), and makes your mouth feel funny. Pdoc said that people that have used illegal drugs before don’t like Saphris because the mouth-feel is similar to when you get high. But after a couple of months I got used to the feeling.