Invega is not going to cut it

Try tapering off invega and then start a low dose of Aripiprazole.

If you have no sz symptoms you can even come off meds completely. Contrary to the beliefs of stupid Doctors, the meds don’t hold back psychosis.

The way Doctors spoke to me, they were acting like relapses are caused by the absence of meds rather than other factors.

So does that mean if someone has diabetes in the family they should take metformin before even getting diabetes. It doesn’t make sense.

You can’t taper off invega injection. My doctor won’t go any lower. I asked him four times. He probably won’t even give me a low dose of Abilify. And I have no symptoms

If you’re not on a CTO or bound by any laws, you can decide to quit.

I think depot injections taper off naturally anyways.

I quit cold turkey towards the end of August.

Been off Paliperidone for 3 months now. 0 symptoms.

I am on a CTO I also have a POwer of attorney and personal directive.

Unlucky. I was on a cto, and they said it would be revoked if I refused my meds.

I refused and last week my CTO was ended anyways.

They can only recall you back in if you’re ill.

Or if they think you are becoming ill.

The conditions of a cto are stupid.

You quit paliperidone and your not on any meds now. It’s been 3 months. Are you worried?

The whole thing is ridiculous

I agree. Schizophrenia is pretty unpredictable though I just want a low dose of abilify pills. I don’t think that’s unreasonable. But my doctor is

It’s seven thirty in the morning here. I need coffee.

Nah cos, I only get symptoms with long insomnia.

You got it made. I’m envious. These drugs are bad. I would do so much better without them. But I fear psychosis

Hey eternal universe I’m going to apply to get off my CTO thanks for the encouragement. I need to get on Abilify pills and find a nice low dose. Im made an appointment with community mental health services. This is ridiculous staying on this injection. It’s disgusting and bad for my health mantally and psysically. There’s got to be a better way. I can’t believe you’re doing it. I hope you stay strong without this crap. Do it man

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Thanks bro. I hope your symptoms never come back. Good luck. :slight_smile:

Abilify is a fantastic med IF you can tolerate it and don’t get akathisia like I did.

Good luck :slight_smile:

I started on meds when I was 19. I just took them. When I just stopped taking them, they put me in the hospital against my will. That wasn’t fun, and nearly cost me my life.

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