Activating meds that won't cause psychosis?

I’m going to talk to my pdoc about this, but I wanted to ask you guys as well.

I’m constantly tired, sometimes coffee doesn’t help, and I sleep A LOT. It also takes me a long time to wake up and stay awake.

Is there a medication I can take in combination with 6mg Invega that will counteract the negative symptoms? Especially fatigue and drowsiness?

I would really love to not have to subject myself to caffeine headaches each day in order to stay somewhat coherent.

Oh, and it can’t be so activating that I risk mania or psychosis.
Do you guys know of any med I might try? If it’s prescription-meds, it would help, because I would be able to get it for less money than dietary supplements.


I’ve heard Sarcosine might help, but since I can’t get a prescription for it, I won’t be able to get a discount.
Any ideas anyone?

wellbutrin seemed to help me a little bit, made me feel less lethargic and tired

Abilify is supposed to do that

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Abilify made me super drowsy and unmotivated.

Vraylar? Effexor?

Pristiq or rexulti perhaps

Some people have had luck with memantine.

Wish me luck on that one. My doctor would just say no.

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You can ask your psychiatrist about cautiously trying an Antidepressant like Wellbutrin.

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Abilify gives me strength

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Sometimes the fatigue from the meds is unavoidable. Fatigue was always something I struggled with, everything I took seemed to cause it and I was SUPER exhausted. Caffeine is tricky because while a cup or two of coffee a day can be helpful it isn’t always something that will help you if you consume a lot. The type of fatigue isn’t something caffeine can always have and effect on and because it’s not working you can consume additional caffeine until you realize it’s giving you unwanted effects (agitation, palpitations) without the benefits. Additional meds may just give you more side effects. If you can get a different antipsychotic that could be your best bet but I wouldn’t rule out supplements. If it’s not cost prohibitive I would see if your doc would order lab work to see if all is good. A lot of people aren’t getting all the vitamins they need and a multivitamin can be pretty cheap and may be good regardless. I can usually find what I take on buy one get one free. I also noticed that increasing my fiber intake helped my energy level. Lots of foods high in fiber are inexpensive. Another thing that can mess with you is your sugar intake. I know that I had horrible cravings for carbs and sugar while on certain things and it was near impossible to not give in. It becomes a drug and the meds can be the cause of the cravings.

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Try Sarcosine for Brainvitaminz you dont need a prescription i tried it for 2 months
doesnt cause mania and it works also a bit anti psychotic for pos i felt too but mainly negative symptoms

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I would really love to try Sarcosine, but I can’t afford it.
If it’s something I can get a prescription for, the pharmacy gives me a discount based on how much I’ve already spent.

i coudnt afford it barely with my gambling problem caused by abilify i tried you can try for a month!

I still won’t be able to afford it, not this month nor the next. But I’ll definitely keep it in mind :slight_smile: