I have strong intuition, and it’s another form of intelligence,
not sure where it comes,
but it requires reading into something that isn’t obvious on the surface,
and being certain or reaching a new understanding.
However, with a delusion you also do this, read into something that you have no proof of, and be certain.
don’t know about you guys,
but my intuition I trust to be right between 90 and 95 percent of the time, and when it’s wrong, it’s a delusion. so that’s a pretty good percentage, with few delusions.


My intuition led me astray in a big way. All the signs were there, and my intuition eventually led me down the rabbit hole into a delusion. I thought my intuition was a gift prior to this, because it was so bang on. Now I don’t know I guess Ill have to work on fine tuning it, so I’m not led down the wrong path again- into another delusion

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yeah, agreed.

don’t they say you pick up things thru osmosis. ha.
kind of that way with intuition.
of course, there has to be a clue you start with,
then the rest is your mind putting two and two together.

I hate to call you out like this,

But your intuition has not lead you to a good place in life.

Maybe you should start listening to people who care about you instead.

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This isn’t like pulling things out the bag, or a hat and calling it all true.

This is from experiences I’ve gained in myself to trust my gut, my intuition has rarely failed me, only the schizophrenia has.

but I guess I’ve already said this. I’ll tell you what, you believe you, and I’ll believe me.

I think you should take a long look at your life and see if your intuition has brought you to a good place.

If not, maybe you should try something new.

absolutely it has! I’m not supposed to know things that I DO know!

who wouldn’t want that?

if you doubt your power, you put all your power in doubt.

If someone is wrong about something it isn’t necessarily a delusion unless the person believes they are right no matter what.

I have been escaping from the presence so my intuition has been weak for a long time. Getting better lately though since I’m working things out.

There’s a lot of people who don’t like that quote about you, Sheri.
You’ll find it everywhere. Unbelievable what you’ve done to change this world, single-handedly. yep yep.

maybe you misunderstood, I said in both cases you feel certain that you’re right no matter what.

Intuition is trusted overwhelming over a delusion.
I don’t know what you mean by working things out, it’s innate.

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Ok. I can see, but then you need to question your intuition if it leads you astray occassionally. I don’t mean stop believing in yourself, but maybe have a slight reservation so you hopefully avoid delusions.

For my own part I feel my intuition depends on how I treat myself. If I do activities that undermine my psyche like for example having too much screentime or boozing my intuition fades. I have triggers that clouds my mind.

well, it WILL lead me astray, I’m a schizophrenic, but only rarely, will it lead me astray.

That’s a pretty good intuition… It’s good to see you @Daze !

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Thats what i think too; delusions are something like intuition out of whack


I am currently at a stage where I can see how much delusions wrecked my life. It is hard to trust my intuition at times. I think it’s okay to be self aware but I am in a rut with being paranoid about being paranoid.

well, a delusion can be proven wrong. typically for me this takes someone else to convince me, but intuition is never proven wrong, in my opinion. it’s really a gift that each of us have, or some kind of acquired sense.

True virtue isn’t spoken of.

You’re a battler, @Daze!

A Mom of two lovely children…an artist…always thoughtful and expressive. And all of this with Schizophrenia.

Good to see you back and posting again! :slight_smile:


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